DealCrunch Sitemap is home to the latest in retail industry news, interviews, features, online deals and more. Our expert team covers “All Things Retail, In Detail” across three main sections of our site.

How We Cover Retail

1.  IndustryCrunch
Our retail industry blog is the only one of its kind, highlighting movers-and-shakers, up-and-comers, and other key players in retail. With topics ranging from ecommerce to logistics, our blog features exclusive news and interviews on the industry’s most important trends.

2.  Community Q&A
“You ask the questions, we crunch the answers” in our site’s Community Q&A section.  Our site’s users connect with our onsite experts to cover shopping tips, merchant sales, and other news about the top deals to be had across the retail universe.

3.  Stores We Follow
We follow thousands of retailers to track and publish their top consumer offerings daily. Our advanced algorithmic engine — fed by large data sources and daily manual ratings from our editors — performs calculations on 600,000+ deals from 5,000+ retailers every hour.  Other sites publish a handful of deals, but no other site crunches the numbers on every deal like

More About DealCrunch

Want to learn more about the folks behind DealCrunch? Or perhaps even reach out to find ways you can become involved with our site? Well you’re in luck! See below for more information about our team and our site:

4.  About Us
The folks behind DealCrunch — and our noble mission to cover the retail industry like no one else before us. Not only does our team go in depth better than any other industry site (see IndustryCrunch and our Community Q&A), they’re also behind the proprietary technology that procures and rates popular retailers’ many active deals, expired deals, new codes, mobile couponspast sales, and much more via our ever-growing Stores We Follow section. Quite an impressive team indeed.

5.  Contact Us
Submit your ideas, rants, and other inquiries here. We’ll be sure to answer your submissions as soon as we see them.

6.  Homepage
The page where all the magic begins. But certainly not where it ends.

7.  Privacy Policy
We all prefer a bit of privacy sometimes, don’t we? We at DealCrunch take user privacy very seriously.

8.  Terms of Use
Long story short: don’t steal our content. (Please?) But please reach out to us if you’d like to borrow it.