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Yelp is an online reviews site that helps business owners and their customers get the most out of local goods and services. See below for today's best Yelp coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our Yelp editor, Ryan Frankel.

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Ryan's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/17/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with Yelp

Ryan Frankel

By: Ryan Frankel,

Yelp Store Editor

Since being founded in 2004, Yelp has helped business owners and their customers get the most out of local goods and services. From stylists, to mechanics, eateries, and everything in between, Yelp recommends the most helpful and reliable ways to spend your money. In addition to reviews, consumers can use Yelp to access basic information and reserve seats at their favorite restaurants. Business owners can use Yelp to track guest reviews, host social events, and post their health inspections. Yelp makes a profit by selling ads to local businesses, which allows users to create free accounts and begin networking. Their friendly user interface takes the stress out of uploading pictures, comments, and reviews. Download the Yelp app on your mobile device or access the website online to start finding great businesses in your area.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Yelp:


How Can I Redeem a Yelp Deal?

Redeeming Yelp deals can be a bit confusing, so here’s how to apply them! First, it's important to note that you’ll redeem your deal directly at the retailer, whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or other retailer. To access the deal, head to your Yelp app on your phone. For iPhone users, tap “More” → “About Me” → then “My Deals & Offers.” For Android users, tap “Overflow Menu button” → “About Me” → then “My Deals & Offers.” Next, select the deal you want to redeem. Show your screen to the merchant to confirm your redemption code, then tap “Mark Deal as Used.” Enjoy your Yelp deal, and have fun exploring different cuisines, retailers, and more!


How Does Yelp Work?

Yelp was created to help people find what’s great in their community. By allowing local people to share their opinions and honest experiences, Yelp offers fantastic reviews on over 13 categories, such as food, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, active life, arts & entertainment, automotive, beauty & spas, and more. When you join the Yelp community, you can create a detailed bio page, write reviews on thousands of merchants, find out where friends are eating, and check out local events. Instead of second-guessing where you should eat or feeling unsure where to discover a new place, head on over to Yelp and get the inside scoop.


What's Yelp's Elite Squad?

If you’re an active Yelper in the Yelp community, then you can join the Yelp Elite Squad. Yelp loves recognizing people who are role models on and off the site and contribute to the community, such as writing exquisite reviews, high-quality tips, detailed personal profile, active voting & complimenting record, and just being an overall great Yelper. Members of the Elite Squad can aspire to earn the Elite badge, Gold Elite badge, and the coveted Black Elite badge. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad, nominate yourself today and join this awesome group of Yelpers.


What's Eat24?

EAT24 is Yelp’s food delivery & takeout app that helps hungry customers find different cuisines, new places, and happening deals around them. All you have to do is enter your address into the search box, select which restaurant you want, order online, then you’re good to go! With more than 25,000 restaurants and eateries in over 1,500 cities, there are a ton of great places to choose from that feature cuisines like Thai, pizza, Indian, American, Mexican, and much more. Want to order food with friends? Use EAT24’s exclusive Split the Check feature where you can pay for what you order. Next time you don’t know where to eat, download and check out the EAT24 app.