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Aiming to be the most convenient communication platform in existence, is a limitless, affordable means to call and fax. See below for today's best coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our editor, Rob Sanders.

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Verified: 11/17/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with

Rob Sanders

By: Rob Sanders, Store Editor

Ditch your traditional phone company and shop for the best prices on phone services. On a mission to be the world’s most convenient communication platform, has over 40 features available at the click of a button. Enjoy limitless ways to reach customers, colleagues, and friends on both traditional phones and smartphones. Their services include HD voice, mobile conferencing, chat calls, group messaging, text messaging, fax, and many more added benefits to keep you connected. Let help you build your company. You can manage your services and save money without contracts. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to find out why is such a useful service.

Here are some commonly asked questions about


How Can I Use a Coupon Code on allows you to quickly apply a coupon code to your plan. You can use a coupon code in the second step of the checkout process. After you have entered in and confirmed your credit card information, you will be invited to "Review Order." Before you click on this option, take a second to get a discount on your purchase. In the box marked "Coupon code" in the middle of the screen, you can type in your code for products. Click on the green "Add +" button to apply your coupon to your order.


How Do I Start Receiving Calls After Signing Up with

It's easy! You can start getting calls on your service by adding an extension and connecting your phone number to that extension. You can set up a phone, softphone, or virtual extension. If you plan on receiving calls on your cell phone, select the virtual extension option. With your extension, you can manage notification settings, add a voicemail, and handle call-forwarding rules. When your extension is set up to your liking, you can connect your phone by going to "Configure" and clicking "Manage Numbers." Go to the phone number you're connecting and Add a New Rule. Select "Forward Call" in the drop-down menu to get your calls forwarded to the phone number of your choice. Be sure to Save Rule Settings when you're done.


How Do I Set Up My Voicemail on lets you set up a personalized voicemail on any of your account's extensions. Create a voicemail greeting and then go to "Manage Users and Extensions" and click "Edit" on the extension you want. Scroll down to the Voicemail Settings and then set your voicemail status to "On." You can create 3 different types of voicemails: A Standard Greeting to be used most of the time, an Alternate Greeting to switch to when you are on vacation, in a meeting, or otherwise unavailable, and a Recorded Name that will fill in an automated voicemail. You also have the option for an automated "Leave a Message" prompt to play after your recorded voicemail greeting. Be sure to remember your voicemail password—this will be important in accessing your voicemail messages when they come in. When your voicemail is set up to your liking, click on "Save Changes" to finish.


What is the Difference Between a Regular and an Unlimited Extension?

For a regular extension, your plan comes with 100 minutes shared by all of your extensions. Any additional minutes used will be billed at a low per-minute rate. If you foresee yourself going over the 100 minutes of the regular extension plan, you can upgrade to an unlimited extension by going to the "Manage Users and Extensions" page. An unlimited extension does not cap your minutes, so you can talk as much as you please!