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Informing consumers about nebulous financial matters, myFICO helps customers understand their financial health and credit better. See below for today's best myFICO coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our myFICO editor, PJ Fuller.

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20% off 3 Bureau Credit Reports Was: $19.95 Now: $15.95.

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Verified: 9/23/2018
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20% Off Sale

20% off Equifax Credit Report Was: $19.95 Now: $15.95.

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Verified: 9/23/2018
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Expires: 1/1/30.

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PJ Fuller

By: PJ Fuller,

myFICO Store Editor

Informing consumers about potentially confusing, nebulous, and arcane financial matters, myFICO contributes to greater financial responsibility in the United States. In today's market, FICO Scores are considered to be the industry standard for lenders. The credit-information products offered by myFICO helps people understand their finances and know how to act to improve their overall financial health. Such risk-free credit monitoring and reporting at myFICO helps you save money. Millions of FICO scores have been sold across the country, making sure individuals understand their credit—because understanding is vital for making good decisions when it comes to finances. Available to anyone looking to take control of their credit score, myFICO is committed to being part of the solution by monitoring credit, keeping track of finances, and protecting against threats to financial health. Easily keep tabs on your financial position by signing up for any of myFICO's beneficial services today.

Here are some commonly asked questions about myFICO:


How Can I Enter In a Promo Code When Shopping at

At, getting yourself a valuable discount on financial services is a simple process. First, add the product(s) you wish to purchase to your Shopping Cart. Then, look toward the bottom of this page to find the section for promo codes next to the order's price total. In the text box that's marked "Have a Promo Code?" you'll type in your code and click the "Apply" button. Doing so will instantly refresh the Shopping Cart page so that your discount can be applied to the order. You'll see valid promotional offers appear in the form of discounts on your purchase. As the last step, you'll continue to Checkout to place your order with this discount already applied.


What is a FICO Score?

FICO (formerly called Fair Isaac Corporation) Scores are the credit scores used by most top lending agents to calculate the risk of lending you money. Your FICO Score can tell a lender how reliable you have been in the past at paying back debts and therefore conclude how reliable you'll be in the future. FICO Scores can influence the amount of money and the interest rate a lender is willing to give you on a loan. FICO Scores have a range from 300-850 with higher scores indicating less risk in lending that person money. The better your score, the better rate you'll qualify for.


How Can I Keep Tabs on My FICO Score for Daily Changes?

FICO scores do not typically change on a daily basis because lenders report updated account information to credit bureaus on a monthly basis—and these reports may or may not change your individual score. Still, should you wish to keep close watch upon your FICO Score for any movement, you can get Score Watch from myFICO to monitor your credit report every day and sent you an alert via email or phone about any relevant changes to your financial scores.


Should I Close Old Accounts to Raise My FICO Score?

No, doing so might actually lower your score. Merely closing the account does not erase the payment history that negatively affected your credit in the first place. You'll need to improve your credit though establishing a new pattern of behavior, paying back loans promptly and responsibly. Your FICO Score improves over time as you build a history of managing credit well. There is no quick fix to making FICO Scores go up, but there are long-term practices of financial responsibility that will pay off in the gradual course of time.

Today's myFICO Deals: September 24, 2018

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Here are today's top myFICO coupons and promo codes:

myFICO Coupons & Promo Codes
CouponDescriptionDeal TypeRating
20% Off Sale
20% off 3 Bureau Credit Reports Was: $19.95 Now: $15.95.Coupon5.0/10
20% Off Sale
20% off Equifax Credit Report Was: $19.95 Now: $15.95.Coupon5.0/10
Item Sale
Browse the myFICO website for their latest offers.Coupon1.0/10