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LifeLock protects you from identity theft with proactive monitoring and the ability to detect, alert, and restore. See below for today's best LifeLock coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our LifeLock editor, Ryan Frankel.

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Ryan's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/21/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with LifeLock

Ryan Frankel

By: Ryan Frankel,

LifeLock Store Editor

A bastion against uncertainty and fear, LifeLock protects you from identity theft with proactive monitoring and the ability to detect, alert, and restore. It takes mere minutes to sign up and gain instant protection as a Lifelock member. With advanced technology at its disposal, LifeLock constantly oversees your credit and watches out for suspicious uses of your identity information to get loans, credit, and services in your name. You'll be alerted about this suspicious activity immediately via text, phone, or email. As soon as you confirm that the transaction is fraudulent, the LifeLock team gets to work fixing it and restoring your identity. This experienced team spares no expense in safeguarding your information. Millions of members enjoy security against fraud thanks to LifeLock's constant vigilance. In this technological age, identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes in America, but you don't need to be a victim. LifeLock can and will protect you.

Here are some commonly asked questions about LifeLock:


How Can I Redeem a Lifelock Promo Code?

When you enroll in LifeLock, you can get a discount by entering in a promo code. The option is at the bottom of the screen on the first step: Your Plan. Before you select your services, look down to where it says "If you have a partner/promo code, please enter it here." Type in your code in the given text box and click on the "Apply" button. Now when you start your membership with Lifelock, any applicable savings will be reflected in your monthly payments.


What Are LifeLock's 3 Layers of Protection?

Lifelock boasts 3 foolproof layers of protection for its members. The first is Detection, monitoring over a trillion data points to detect possible threats to your identity information. The second is Alert, sending you notification of potential fraud activities via text, phone call, or email. Once you confirm that the suspicious transaction is indeed fraudulent, Lifelock is on it with the third step: Restore. If your identity is compromised, you can trust Lifelock to make it right for you with the help of an Identity Restoration Specialist at your beck and call.


What Does Lifelock Mean By a $1 Million Service Guarantee?

Lifelock promises a $1 Million Service Guarantee to all customers so that each and every individual can feel confident in their data security. For Lifelock members who fall prey to identity theft, Lifelock will spend up to $1 million hiring experts to assist in your recovery. This guarantee is exclusive to cases of identity theft reported within 90 days of the date you know, or reasonably should have known, that someone has stolen or misused your identity information. Customer cooperation is expected with all third parties enlisted to help with the case.


What is an Identity Exposure Level, and How Does LifeLock Calculate That Measure?

Identity Exposure Level assesses the potential exposure level of a member's personal information. LifeLock tabulates around 70 different factors to rank your individual Identity Exposure Level as low, medium, or high. Based on past behaviors such as applying for a car loan, LifeLock measures how vulnerable you are to identity theft.