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Toby's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/12/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with Easton

Toby Sembower

By: Toby Sembower,

Easton Store Editor

Cover all your bases and shop for baseball equipment at Easton. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend enthusiast, these sporting goods will prep you for your next game. You're sure to be a big hit with premium fast-pitch and slow-pitch bats for all types of players. Easton's sport collection includes bats, baseballs, mitts, helmets, catchers, footwear, bags, apparel, and accessories. Easton’s top engineers make baseball and softball equipment to enhance your performance and give you your best game. For decades this online retailer has been hitting it out of the park for baseball players across the country. As an industry leader, Easton is constantly improving its merchandise and testing the limits of excellence to exceed typical standards of baseball gear. Easton proudly backs its equipment with a warranty against defect in manufacturing, so you can feel confident when you step out on the diamond. When it comes to quality and durability, Easton steps up to the plate to deliver home-run products.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Easton:


Where Do I Use a Discount Code at Easton?

It’s easy to get a discount, because Easton lets you input a discount code right at checkout. First, you'll pick out your baseball gear and then click "View Cart." If your order is correct, you'll head to checkout by pressing the "Proceed to Checkout" button. On the right side of this page is the Order Summary section. In this grayed area is a field for a Discount Code. Type your code in where it says "Discount Code" and then click "Apply Code." Within moments the price total for your order will refresh and incorporate valid discounts. To get this discounted price on your baseball equipment, simply fill out the rest of the page and place your order with Easton.


Do I Need to Break In My Easton Composite Bat?

No, Easton composite bats don’t have to be broken in. Easton does not recommend physically altering the bat before use; in fact, doing so will nullify your warranty. Composite bats come to you ready to use in the game, and any attempt to break them in will not increase their performance.


Can I Use My Easton Bat in a Batting Cage?

No, Easton bats are not meant to be used in a batting cage. You should never use a new bat in a batting cage because the batting cage balls are made of denser material than regulation baseballs and softballs. Batting cage balls will cause denting to the bat. This type of damage will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have to use an Easton bat in a batting cage, you should use a bat sleeve to give it some additional protection. This will limit, but not completely stop, damage to the bat's surface.


How Do I Best Clean My Easton Bat?

Easton endorses cleaning using only mild soap and water. This will not harm the surface coating or the graphics on the bat. Any solvents, acetones, or heavy-duty cleaners will damage the surface of the bat. Easton’s manufacturer warranty policy will not cover such damage.