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A goumet food purveryor, D'Artagnan is renowned for its humanely-raised meats from foie gras to organic chicken. See below for today's best D’Artagnan coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our D’Artagnan editor, Levi Horowitz.

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Levi's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/17/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with D’Artagnan

Levi Horowitz

By: Levi Horowitz,

D’Artagnan Store Editor

Much like the literary character it’s named after, D’Artagnan is committed to good, honest service. In the case of this online merchant, this means the service of the finest meats. Over the years, D’Artagnan has perfected the sale and delivery of beef, lamb, veal, duck, poultry, foie gras, charcuterie, caviar, truffles, mushrooms, and more. Famous for providing humanely-raised meats, D’Artagnan was the first purveyor of game and foie gras in the U.S. This company was built by Ariane Daguin, whose culinary family is famous throughout France. Her expertise and passion fueled an organic push toward free-range chickens and humanely-raised veal. In the decades since she got her start, Ariane continues to use her company to push boundaries and deliver quality in every bite. A sophisticated yet accessible food option, D’Artagnan brings high-end meats to the American table. Just browsing online through these succulent morsels will make your mouth water. D’Artagnan will even tell you what its gourmet meats pair best with in a detailed product description that explains the taste, ingredients, and serving options. With every grass-fed beef and pasture-raised lamb, D’Artagnan puts itself a cut above the rest and pioneers the farm-to-table movement. The high standards of D’Artagnan better serve hungry customers like you, so go online to find fresh and artisanal meats with unforgettable flavor.

Here are some commonly asked questions about D’Artagnan:


How Do I Enter a Promo Code at D'Artagnan's Checkout?

Get yourself a rare deal by using a promo code on your purchase at D’Artagnan. You can do this at checkout. On the second step of the checkout process, the Billing page, scroll down to find a section called “Enter Gift Certificate / Promo Codes.” Here, you can use your promo code and redeem your savings. Simply type your code into the appropriate box and then click on the black “Apply” button on the right. D’Artagnan will update your order total, applying any valid and applicable promo codes. Now all that's left to do is placing your order and getting your kitchen ready for some delicious dining tidbits.


Does D'Artagnan Have Recipes Available Online?

Yes, it most certainly does! In fact, D'Artagnan's recipe catalog includes over 300 different recipes for many memorable meals. These recipes range in skill level (from beginner to expert), so any foodie can dig in. In D'Artagnan's recipe section, delectable photos will draw you in and easy instructions will keep you coming back for more! From appetizers to wild boar, D'Artagnan is a complete resource for recipes on all of its premium meats.


Will My Order Stay Fresh During Delivery?

Yes, D'Artagnan ensures freshness in all its orders. Every perishable item is packed with painstaking care in a reusable, insulated box. This box includes ice packs specifically made to keep items in prime condition for up to 48 hours. Frozen items might potentially thaw somewhat during transit, and items should not be left in the ice box once it arrives to your door. Unpack your order as soon as possible to place it in your fridge or freezer. This will guarantee the item’s continued freshness.


What Payment Methods Does D'Artagnan Accept?

D’Artagnan accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for all online transactions. Customers should note, however, that D’Artagnan does not accept credit cards that have been issued by banks outside the U.S. Your billing name must also match the name attached to your credit card in order to be approved.