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Campmor is a recreational and outdoors equipment retailer that sells high-quality gear for everyone. See below for today's best Campmor coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our Campmor editor, PJ Fuller.

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PJ's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/17/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with Campmor

PJ Fuller

By: PJ Fuller,

Campmor Store Editor

Founded in Bogota, New Jersey in 1978, Campmor is a recreational and outdoors equipment retailer that sells high-quality gear for everyone. With the tagline, “Your Quickest Link to the Outdoors,” Campmor sells thousands of products, such as daypacks, watches, tents, and much more. Whether you want to explore the mountains or just camp out under the stars, Campmor has all the tools and gear you need to get out and discover the great outdoors. You can save even more on explorers’ essentials when you use a coupon or promo code on any purchase. At Campmor, wandering to new, undiscovered places shouldn’t cost you a fortune, so shop at this retailer to get great products at affordable prices.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Campmor:


How Can I Use a Promotion at Campmor?

Want to save even more on the outdoor gear you love? Use a promo code or coupon when you shop at Campmor! Once you’re finished shopping, head on over to your backpack at checkout. Under the item description summary, enter your code into the “Apply Promotions” box and hit “Apply.” Your discounts should immediately appear on your total order amount! It’s always better to save with awesome deals, so check out our page to grab the best codes when you shop at Campmor.


What is Campmor's Policy on Returns?

Customers can return any unused merchandise within 1 year of purchase from Campmor. Items must have a receipt to be considered acceptable returns. Send returns back in a secure package via Parcel Port insured or UPS. Campmor will refuse any C.O.D. returns. Include your return form (on the opposite side of your invoice) in the package and mark whether you desire a refund, exchange, or repair. Defective products will be exchanged or repaired by Campmor within a year of the purchase date. Excepting defective merchandise, customers are responsible for all shipping charges. Campmor strives to make returns easy and satisfaction a way of life with their return policy.


How Do I Wash a Campmor Sleeping Bag?

Campmor endorses washing all sleeping bags in a front-loading, heavy duty, commercial washer with a mild detergent. You can find specific detergent made for sleeping bags. Don’t use bleach. Campmor advises customers to use cool or cold water settings and set the washer to delicate/gentle cycle. A couple extra rinse cycles without detergent will give you the best results. Be careful when drying in a dryer, as excessive heat will damage the fabric and insulation. (Quick Tip: Adding tennis balls to the drying cycle will loosen the matted insulation as the sleeping bag dries.) Whatever you do, do not ever dry clean your sleeping bag. Solvents and fumes used in cleaning could be retained in the insulation of the sleeping bag and, if inhaled, could cause skin irritation, allergic reaction, or other possible injuries.


How Do I Determine What Size Backpack to Get from Campmor?

Campmor recommends carefully considering your needs and body type before choosing a backpack size. How tall you are is not as big a factor as you might assume. Rather, it is your torso length that determines how much backpack you can handle. If their torsos are the same length, a short-legged person can comfortably use the same backpack as a long-legged person. Use a measuring tape to measure along your spine (you’ll probably need the help of a friend) from the bump where your shoulder meets your neck to the top of your hip bones. In the product description of Campmor’s backpacks, there will be a note about the torso length that that particular size will fit. These backpack “Specs” allow you to rapidly and accurately find the right backpack for your excursion.