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100 Percent Pure is an online cosmetics shop that sells all-natural beauty products for your skin, hair, nails, and face. See below for today's best 100 Percent Pure coupons, promo codes, deals, and sales as rated by our 100 Percent Pure editor, Lauren Keys.

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Lauren's Rating: 1.0/10
Verified: 11/17/2018
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4 Tips for Saving Big with 100 Percent Pure

Lauren Keys

By: Lauren Keys,

100 Percent Pure Store Editor

If you’re seeking indulgent all-natural beauty products, take a look at 100 Percent Pure’s online cosmetics shop. This selection of cosmetics takes care of your skin, hair, nails, and body using some of the finest ingredients. At 100 Percent Pure, you’re guaranteed to find extraordinary quality. From 100 Percent Pure’s fruit-dyed makeup to extra-gentle baby lotion, all products are 100% pure, with no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents, or any other unhealthy toxins. All ingredients are unrefined and include all-natural antioxidants that battle against premature aging. To maximize your beauty without irritating or harming your skin, check out the organic options available at 100 Percent Pure. Avoid clogged pores and damaged hair by shopping for a natural solution at 100 Percent Pure.

Here are some commonly asked questions about 100 Percent Pure:


How Can I Use a Discount Code at 100 Percent Pure?

When you check out at 100 Percent Pure, you’ll be able to use a discount code to get yourself a wonderful deal on your beauty products. On the "Customer Information" page, you’ll see on the right half of the screen a review of your purchase. In this grayed section, the Discount Code field is waiting for you. Where it says “Gift card or discount code,” you’ll type or copy and paste your code and then press “Apply.” This will prompt the page to refresh. When it comes back, you should see a difference in the price total for your order as 100 Percent Pure adds in applicable discounts.


Are 100 Percent Pure's Products Vegan?

Yes. Committed to purity and integrity, 100 Percent Pure refuses to produce or sell anything that harms animals or uses animal products in any way. None of 100 Percent Pure’s formulas are ever tested on animals, and all of its makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers. The only animal ingredient used by 100 Percent Pure is cruelty-free honey.


If 100 Percent Pure's Products Don't Use Preservatives, How Long Can I Expect Them To Last?

Rather than using harmful chemical preservatives, 100 Percent Pure prefers to make use of natural preservatives and anti-bacterial herbs. This increase in natural quality means a slight decrease in how long it remains good after opening. For each product, you’ll see an open jar symbol with a number indicating how long it can last. This will vary depending on what the item is.


What Are Fruit Pigments?

Fruit pigments are what makes strawberries red, blackberries black, and 100 Percent Pure’s makeup uniquely beautiful. Imbuing its cosmetics with fresh colors, 100 Percent Pure rejects artificial coloring and uses fruit and vegetable pigments instead. These pigments are ripe with antioxidants and vitamins and are a great color choice. You can browse through colors inspired from pomegranates, peaches, cranberries, melons, cherries, coffee beans, figs, hazelnuts, and other inventive, natural resources. From lip gloss to mascara, there’s no better source for fruit-dyed makeup than 100 Percent Pure.