Walmart Price Match — Online & Store “Policy Tricks” for Saving Big

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What is Walmart's price-match policy?

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald

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Jon answered on 5.4.17:

As someone who worked at a newspaper for 15 years, I got to know all the ins and outs of working a night schedule. Since I was unable, or just too tired, to shop sales during normal business hours, Walmart being open 24 hours was a godsend — so was their price-matching policy.

A few years ago, a major electronics retailer had a great deal on a Playstation game that I wanted badly: Tiger Woods PGA 14. I couldn’t make it to the store to take advantage of the deal, so I headed to Walmart after I got off work at 2 a.m. I walked up to the register with the game, showed the store associate the ad on my phone, and walked out with the same deal thanks to price-matching.

Walmart tries to match prices from as many different retailers as possible to make shoppers feel confident that they are walking out of the store — or checking out online — with the most savings.

Use these links to navigate our in-depth breakdown of the Walmart price-match policy.

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Online Price Matching — Unlock Savings at

You don’t have to set foot in a store to take advantage of the policy, either, as Walmart will match online prices from a long list of major e-retailers — including Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, and Lowe’s. All you have to do is log on to and chat with a Customer Care Agent, give them the information you found and save.

List of online retailers Walmart will price match

There are a few exceptions, though, most notably that Walmart will not price match any store around Black Friday. Many other retailers offer massive discounts known as “loss leaders” which means they lose money on the item, but it entices customers to buy more.

Walmart already offers deep discounts of its own — in-store and online — during that time period, so there is a good chance you will be able to save plenty of money on just about anything without having to shop around.

Here’s How to Get Walmart to Price Match Amazon

If you are someone who likes shopping on, it may come as a surprise that you can get the same low price at Walmart or

Amazon logo

As long as the item you’re trying to price match isn’t used, refurbished, or on clearance at Amazon, it will be eligible for price matching at Walmart.

This doesn’t apply to items being sold at a discount through Amazon Prime, though, as Prime is a subscription service.

But most items from Amazon are fair game, as long as Walmart has them in stock, so if you see an item you want price-matched by Walmart, don’t hesitate to head down to the store or talk to a Customer Care agent at

Stores, BOGO Lists & Sales Ads Walmart Price Matches

While Walmart’s goal is to beat any competitor’s price, policies can vary by store, and the final call is with the associate or manager on duty.’s policy, though, is to match any ad from its list of online retailers, with just a few exceptions.

Buy One Get One Free offers are accepted for price match, both in-store and online, but only if there is an advertised price.

Photo of Walmart associate helping a customer

Sales ads that include bundled items, gift cards with purchase, and going-out-of-business prices are also not eligible to be matched. But even after reading through the exceptions, one thing is clear: find a better price and Walmart will try to match it.

Check Today’s Deals for Added Savings at Checkout

While Walmart’s price-match policy is incredibly broad, you don’t always have to shop around to get the best price. Often, a great coupon will get you the same savings with less hassle.

At DealCrunch, we have our own proprietary engine that scours the internet for the best Walmart coupons, codes, and other discounts, compiling them all in one place.

Use these offers to save at Walmart, no price matching necessary:


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Walmart’s App Offers Built-In “Savings Catcher” Tool

Walmart doesn’t want you to have to do all of the work when trying to find a deal. The store is always searching and adjusting to competitors’ lower prices.

That is why Walmart designed the Savings Catcher program to automatically adjust prices after products have been purchased if a better local deal is found — in-store or online. You can enter a receipt number online, or scan it with Walmart’s mobile app, and if a local retailer’s advertised price was lower at the time of purchase, Walmart will refund the difference on a gift card or Bluebird by American Express card to be used at Walmart or

Screenshot of Walmart Savings Catcher

As with the other price-matching policies at Walmart, it’s important to note that not everything you buy will be eligible for reimbursement through the Savings Catcher program. There are a few exceptions to Savings Catcher matching, including items found on clearance. However, the program is a great way to prevent savings from slipping through just because you didn’t know about an advertised sale.

Guarantee the Lowest Price with Matching & Deals

When Walmart matched a competitor’s price on the Tiger Woods PGA 14 game for me, they made a happy customer and set off a month-long video game binge at my house. Walmart’s goal is to deliver the best price on any product, whether it is their own advertised price or one from a competitor.

Their price-match policy is a big step to achieving that goal, but Walmart also serves customers with competitively low prices and great deals every day.

So, before you spend all of that time searching, researching, and comparing prices, check out our updated deals page for Walmart and to see if you can’t find unbeatable savings right out of the gate.

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