Walmart Coupon Policy — Competitor, Double & Stacked Couponing Guide (2018)

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What does Walmart’s coupon policy allow?

Adam West

Adam West

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Adam answered on 3.17.17:

While I already have a fair amount of Batman paraphernalia, I’m always on the lookout for more ways to pay homage to my namesake. I love that at Walmart I can get shaving cream, cereal, and another Batman shirt all in one place — and all for a lot cheaper than most other stores.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, Walmart not only has competitive, guaranteed low prices, but the store also has a pretty generous rulebook when it comes to couponing. 

Let’s take a closer look at Walmart’s coupon policy to see how you can save in stores and online.

The 3 Components of Walmart’s Coupon Policy in Stores

There are a few overarching rules that apply to any couponing you do at Walmart: Any coupon you wish to use must have a valid date, scannable barcode, and cannot be a copy of a coupon. As with any coupon, the item must match the coupon specifications for size, quantity, brand, and sometimes particular flavors or colors.

A photo of Walmart's in-store coupons signage

Walmart’s coupon policy is proudly displayed in stores. Photo credit: Walmart Corporate Flickr

Another big part of the policy we noticed was, in most cases, Walmart won’t accept offers of a certain dollar amount or percentage off a total purchase. Below we dive into the specifics on types of coupons you can use at Walmart and how the policy affects them.

1. Competitor Coupons Accepted

Walmart does accept competitor coupons as long as there is a specified price for the item included on the coupon. Let’s use a box of cereal as an example, Walmart will accept coupons discounting the price from $3.99 to $2.99. If the coupon was instead a buy one, get one free (BOGO) deal, the coupon would still need to state the original price or the amount of savings.

2. Double & Triple Couponing

Some stores will match your coupon offer, which means if you bring in a coupon for $1 off, the store will match the savings to give you $2 or $3 off. This is referred to as double and triple couponing. Unfortunately, Walmart does not double or triple the value of coupons.

3. Manufacturer & Printed Coupon Stacking

Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons, including those printed out from the Catalina machines of other stores and those you print out yourself at home. While the policy states “limit one coupon per item” it also mentions that Walmart has the final say regarding coupon stacking, and associates generally allow the stacking of different coupons for the same item.

Coupons for Shopping Online at

If you’re looking for an easier way to shop and save, has the same low prices online as it does in stores. Not only can you buy apparel, personal products, and shelf stable foodstuff on the site, but Walmart is also rolling out fresh grocery delivery across the US.

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Limitations to Know When Couponing at Walmart

Before you slap down all your coupons at checkout, you should know that the clerk can only take 40 before having to call over a manager to approve the transaction. This is done at the store’s discretion and is not guaranteed. The same is true for total savings — the manager must approve any transaction that uses $50 or more in coupons.

Photo of a Walmart store

Remember, if the coupon value is greater than the price of the item you’re buying, then the excess will be given to the customer either as cash or applied toward the total purchase price.

Add Up the Savings with Walmart’s Coupon Policy

The last time I went to Walmart, I actually found some Batman-themed band-aids and a new shirt design. Naturally, I bought both for a whopping $12.

As a one-stop shopper, I like that Walmart has just about everything I need all under one roof. As a bargain hunter, Walmart has almost unbeatable prices to begin with, but, coupled with coupons, the savings really add up.

Walmart’s coupon policy unlocks additional savings in stores, and by using one of our Walmart coupons you can even rack up the deals when shopping online.