Vistaprint Wedding Invitations (3 Ways to Get Cheap Invites)

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How can I get Vistaprint wedding invitations super cheap?

Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews

DealCrunch Editor

Hayley answered on 9.16.16:

Wedding invitations set the tone for a wedding. How you choose to glam up or dress down your invite speaks to who you are as a couple and what guests can expect from your wedding ceremony.

For example, a sleek red-and-black invitation that opens like a pop-up book signals your guests to expect a fancy and elegant evening. When guests receive an invite quaintly tied together with a piece of yarn, they know to pack their boots for a country hoedown.

Whether it’s artsy, nerdy, classy, or kitschy, you’ll want the invitation to look professionally done to impress your friends and relatives. Vistaprint gives brides (and grooms) the look they want for an affordable price.

We’ve come up with 3 ways to get cheap Vistaprint wedding invitations (plus save-the-dates, shower invites, and wedding programs) in just a few clicks.

1. We Vow to Find You the Best Deals at DealCrunch

The DealCrunch team strives to always have the best available deals for online shoppers. We search the web on a daily basis to bring you the most valuable savings at stores like Vistaprint.

Our Vistaprint coupons page is the first place you want to check for quick access to great deals on wedding invitations, announcements, programs, and other printed materials.

Save money on your wedding by using our top Vistaprint coupons:

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2. Visit For Wedding & Shower Invites

The Vistaprint specials page highlights the deals of the day. It could be a discount on business cards — or it could be exclusive savings on wedding invitations. Sometimes a general coupon code will automatically be applied to your purchase at checkout. A notification at the top of the screen lets you know about this deal.

Vistaprint only lets online shoppers use one code at a time, so choose wisely which is best for you.

Screenshot of the Vistaprint Specials page

The specials page updates with news offerings all the time, so check back frequently to find deals on Vistaprint wedding, save-the-date, and shower invites. If you don’t find a specific coupon, you can always bundle your purchases together to save big on necessary wedding expenses.

At, shoppers have multiple ways to save on specially printed materials.

Sign Up to Get Additional Savings Sent to Your Inbox

Planning a wedding can be hectic with so much to consider, so if you want Vistaprint to stay on top of updating you about deals on wedding goods, just give them your email address. Vistaprint will happily email you their current offers, so you’ll know when a good promotion on wedding invitations is going on.

Join the Refer-a-Friend Program for a Quick $10 Off Any Purchase

At, the Refer-a-Friend program is an easy way to get 10 bucks taken off your Vistaprint wedding invitations. You simply input the email of your friend — or friends, you can add as many as you like — and for every person who makes a purchase, you’ll get a $10 voucher at Vistaprint.

If you’re taking advantage of this promotion, you cannot use any other coupons or promotions on your purchase.

A screenshot of the Vistaprint referral pageHere’s a Tip: Your soon-to-be spouse is hopefully also your friend, so if you want to get a quick discount, why not refer them to Vistaprint? One of you can buy save-the-dates while the other buys wedding invites, and you’ll get an easy $10 off. You can also try this with your mother or bridesmaids. Good teamwork pays off!

3. Check Other Coupon Sites to Find More Discounts

In your search for Vistaprint discounts on wedding invites, you should explore all your options before making a commitment. Different coupon sites are sometimes privy to different coupon codes through their partnerships with retailers. You can look for more deals at the following coupon sites:

These sites might just have a coupon for Vistaprint wedding invitations that’s not available elsewhere.

Vistaprint Wedding Invitation Packages Save You More

A gorgeous wedding invitation doesn’t have to exhaust your budget. Vistaprint lets you create your own personalized wedding invitations, shower invitations, save-the-dates, wedding programs, and thank-you cards to set the right tone for your wedding.

To get cheap Vistaprint wedding invitations, keep an eye on our coupons page for the latest deals. We’re happy to help you save up for the big day, so you have the budget to truly make your wedding day a memorable event from start to finish.

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