Target 20% Off Coupon — Use It Online & In-Store

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Does Target's 20% off coupon work online and in stores?

Lauren Keys

Lauren Keys

DealCrunch Editor

Lauren answered on 9.5.16:

My husband used to shudder at the idea of shopping at Target because he knows I always end up buying more than I planned to. What he didn’t realize is that I always plan my Target hauls around the current promotions and deals, so I end up saving big on whatever I purchase. One day, he caught a glimpse of one of my receipts and said, “You got all that and only spent this much?”

Needless to say, my husband is now a convert, and he knows exactly how far a Target 20% off coupon can go.

The 20% off Target coupon is often available for use either online or in-store, and below we’ll break down how to get your best deal whether you’re shopping from your couch or about to go on your next Target run.

Online Coupons | In-Store Coupons

1. Online: Browse Our Deals

Getting 20% off your purchase can add up to huge savings, and DealCrunch has all of the latest Target 20 percent off coupon codes. If you are a regular Target shopper, you could save hundreds of dollars a year, if not more, by using them at checkout. With our proprietary engine and team of editors, we are constantly seeking out the best deals, so check out our Target page to see what deals are available now.

We have several 20% off coupons in multiple categories, which means all you need to know is what you are shopping for. You might even be able to snag more savings with one of our Target promo codes.

Current best Target deals, updated hourly

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2. In-Store: Promos and Discounts to Use at Target

While most shopping can be done from your living room, there are still some things you want to get out of your house to shop for. Target sometimes offers deals specific to the location nearest you.

Use Printable Coupons to Save

Target makes it easy to print out coupons to use in-store, just click on the offers you want and hit the “print selected coupons” button at the top left of the page. No more searching through circulars or carrying around newspaper inserts — you just get the deals you want with a few clicks.

Screenshot of coupon page

You can also sort the coupons to find the newest deals or select manufacturer-only coupons in the search bar. The savings calculator will also show you how much money you will save on your next trip with the offers you have selected.

Take Advantage of the Cartwheel App

What’s easier than printing out coupons? Not printing out coupons, of course! With Target’s Cartwheel App, you can select all the deals you want to take advantage of and scan a special barcode on your mobile device at checkout to rack up the savings.

Screenshot of Cartwheel app

The app is designed for easy use in-store to unlock great deals right in the checkout lane.

Always Check For Target Offers Before You Shop

No matter what you’re planning to buy from at Target, don’t shop empty-handed. At DealCrunch, we’ve made it simple to see what you can save at Target, even while items are sitting in your online shopping cart.

We strive to bring you the best deals on the internet, so bookmark our site to quickly check for savings before your next haul.

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