Get 100 Snapfish Free Prints Every Month for 1 Year

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Can you actually get free prints from Snapfish?

Hayley Matthews,

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answered on: 8.15.16

Sometimes you capture a beautiful moment — a sunset, a family portrait, a cute dog — and it just sits in your phone gathering dust. To display your photos proudly, in the form of a print, mug, or even pillowcase, use a photo-printing service.

Enter, Snapfish, a service that turns your pictures into memorable works of art.

In particular, the Snapfish app is a handy, affordable tool for sharing and printing pics in a jiffy. One of the app’s greatest perks? Users get 100 free 4″x 6″ prints every month for 1 year.

As long as you’re a U.S. customer, getting these savings are a snap! In just 4 simple steps, we’ll show you how you can get access to hundreds of free prints.

1. Download the Snapfish App

On any mobile device, you can download the Snapfish app to upload, share, and print photos on the go. Because most of your pictures are probably already on your phone, this app is super convenient to use — and it includes a bonus 100 free prints per month!

When sharing and printing photos, the app has just about all you could ask for. It’s fun, easy, and free to download. Besides printing basic photos, you can also order canvases, mugs, panels, blankets, and other products from the Snapfish app.

2. Create or Sign In to Your Snapfish Account

To get Snapfish’s offer for free prints, you must have a Snapfish account. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account by clicking the blue “Sign In” button at the top left of the screen on the app’s homepage.

Type in your name, email, and password, and then press “Create an Account.” Snapfish will take care of the rest. As soon as you’ve logged in successfully, you’re ready to redeem the “100 Free Prints for a Year” offer in the app.

You can view your account’s available monthly credits when you check out — no promotion code is necessary. Remember that you must use the app to get free prints; this offer isn’t available for desktop users.

3. Choose the “Mail to Me” Delivery Method

Snapfish free-photo credits are valid for the “Mail to Me” delivery option only. At checkout, make sure you select “Mail to Me” or “Ship To.” Don’t use the Snapfish store pickup option; otherwise, you will be ineligible for this offer.

Although the photos are free, shipping charges and taxes are not. Collage prints and wallet prints (even those measuring 4” x 6”) are also excluded from this deal.

4. Use Your 100 Free Prints Every Month

Remember, this offer is time-sensitive. You get 100 free prints each month using Snapfish’s app, so plan your photo albums accordingly.

Customers can contact Snapfish by phone with any additional questions about this offer. Call (800) 634-4500 for fast support.

To make the most of Snapfish’s free-prints deal, be sure to use all 100 of your free prints each month. Unused credits expire at the end of each month, so don’t let your free Snapfish prints go to waste!

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At Snapfish, nothing stands in the way of your creative process. Next time you photograph a perfect moment, turn it into a work of art for free from your phone. The Snapfish print quality is excellent, customer service team members provide attentive support, and many fantastic photo freebies give customers a reason to keep coming back for more.

To find out the latest about this deal and other ways to save at Snapfish, check out our Snapfish coupons page where there are discounts galore. Print photos for cheap by taking advantage of the excellent savings we gather for you. Enjoy!

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