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What kind of deals does JCPenney offer on jewelry?

Jon answered on 5.18.17:

Buying a piece of jewelry can take a lot of thought, and the bigger the price tag the more pressure there is to get the... read more

Jon McDonald

How can I save on appliances at Home Depot?

PJ answered on 5.16.17:

On a Taco Tuesday a few years back, I spread a handful of chips out on a piece of tinfoil and threw them in the oven to broil... read more

PJ Fuller

How can I check on Kohl’s rebates?

Hayley answered on 5.11.17:

My mother recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and I wanted to get her something special. As an avid baker, I knew she... read more

Hayley Matthews

Where can I get a good deal on tires?

Lauren answered on 5.9.17:

Worn tires present a danger when it comes to navigating through less-than-ideal weather conditions, like rain and snow. The... read more

Lauren Keys

What is Walmart's price-match policy?

Jon answered on 5.4.17:

As someone who worked at a newspaper for 15 years, I got to know all the ins and outs of working a night schedule. Since I... read more

Jon McDonald

How often does Michaels offer its 20% off coupon?

Adam answered on 5.2.17:

My girlfriend has developed a recent obsession with cross stitching, which means I’ve become well-acquainted with visits to... read more

Adam West

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