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How can I get 20% off at Office Depot?

Anne answered on 7.6.17:

Sometimes, it’s the coffee machine that’s on the fritz. Or maybe the printer ran out of toner for the third time this... read more

Anne Copeland

Where can I get an Aeropostale 40% off coupon?

Rob answered on 6.30.17:

About 10 years ago, I used a coupon to buy a navy blue, short sleeve, button up shirt. It only cost me $12, but, a decade... read more

Rob Sanders

Does Home Depot offer a discount for veterans?

Jon answered on 6.27.17:

Many companies show their appreciation for current and former members of the military by offering special sales around... read more

Jon McDonald

Does Famous Footwear offer free shipping?

Levi answered on 6.23.17:

Sneakerheads all know how the fit can vary from brand to brand, and they also know what size they wear to account for that... read more

Levi Horowitz

How can I get the best deal on a flight?

Lauren answered on 6.22.17:

More than 2 million travelers fly across the country daily, and with the average one-way ticket price to get from New York to... read more

Lauren Keys

How can I get Kohl’s Cash or other Kohl’s coupon codes?

Hayley answered on 6.22.17:

About once a year, my closet goes through what’s affectionately referred to as “The Great Purge,” during which... read more

Hayley Matthews

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