PacSun Gift Card Balance — (3 Steps to Check Online)

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How can I check my PacSun gift card balance?

Hayley Matthews,

DealCrunch Editor

answered on: 6.2.16

If you’re like me, you forget how much you have left on gift cards all the time. They somehow get lost in your wallet or purse, or perhaps just sit around for a really long time. And when you finally find them, you’re never exactly sure what’s left.

Whether you’re in need of some new shorts or a skate tee, if you’ve got a gift card for PacSun, you’ve got tons of great merchandise to spend it on.

Luckily, you can check your PacSun gift card balance before you shop. We’ve laid out three easy steps on how to check your gift card balance at

1. Go to PacSun’s Website

PacSun has made it easy to check your balance on the go with an easy way to check your gift card online.

Simply go to the PacSun gift card page below. You’ll find two empty fields where you can enter your gift card information to check the remaining balance.

Quick Tip → In case you need extra help, the PacSun Customer Service team stands ready to assist you. You can call them at 877-372-2786 to find out the remaining balance on your gift card, too. You’ll still need your gift card and pin to check the balance, so have those digits ready.

2. Enter Your Gift Card & PIN Number

Once you’re on PacSun’s gift card page just scroll down until you find the fields under the section labeled “Check Card Balance.” Here you can enter your gift card number and PIN in the provided spaces to check your balance.

For most physical gift cards, you’ll find these numbers on the back of the card. You may need to scratch off an area of the gift card to reveal the PIN.

If you have an e-gift card, check the email you received with your card to find the PIN and gift card number.

3. Click the “Check Balance” Button

Once you click the “Check Balance” button, you’ll see your gift card’s remaining balance. If PacSun has no record of your gift card based on the numbers you entered, you’ll be prompted to check and re-enter them. If it seems like a mistake, you may want to contact customer service to be sure.

Psst — Get More with Your PacSun Gift Card

Now that you’re no longer in the dark about how much you have left, stick that gift card back in your wallet or purse and head for PacSun! If you’re looking for a discount to go with your gift card, you should grab one of our PacSun coupons.

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