Overstock 10% Off Coupon — Here’s How to Get the Promo Code

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How can I get 10% off my purchase at Overstock.com?

Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews

DealCrunch Editor

Hayley answered on 3.21.18:

I’m always on the internet since I work in an office. But even the off the clock, I use the internet to take care of my bills, food orders, and shopping. So when I need a new necklace or piece of furniture, I’ve learned that Overstock is the place to go.

Overstock.com offers millions of name-brand products ranging from electronics and sofas to watches and appliances at low prices that can’t be found anywhere else. And to make things even better, Overstock offers 10% off coupons to help shoppers stretch their savings. So if you want a solid bang for your buck at Overstock, we’ve gathered all you need to know about getting the 10% off promo code.

1. Find a 10% Off Deal at OverStock.com Here

Never start a shopping spree at Overstock without stopping by the DealCrunch website first. Our team of discount shopping experts are devoted to sharing the best tips and tricks in the bargain hunting game. Simply look at the deal feed below to discover promo codes that can help you save even more on your next Overstock purchase.

Check today’s top offers for your next Overstock order:

Overstock: 15% Off

Garden & Patio Sale - Up to 15% off Select Products- Save at Overstock.com!.

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Mattress Sale - Up to 70% off Select Products - Save at Overstock.com!.

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Living Room Furniture - Up to 35% off Select Products- Save at Overstock.com!.

Even if you don’t see a promo code that catches your eye, be sure to return back often since the deal feed is updated every hour with new coupons.

2. Visit the Homepage to Discover Deep Discounts

Sometimes you need to start at the source when searching for a discount. So try moving your bargain hunt to the Overstock homepage to find deals that can get your 10% off or more at checkout.

A screenshot of a banner on the Overstock homepage

Shoppers can look to banners Overstock homepage to learn about store discounts.

The homepage has large banners that often feature promotions on select items, such as 20% off on area rugs or 70% off original price on patio furniture. If you visit the website often, you’re likely to come across a 10% off shopping offer on the banners at some point.

3. Browse the Online Coupon Center for Savings

Stop chasing after deals and drop by the online coupon center to conveniently find the some of the best promo codes at Overstock in one place.

The coupon center is updated monthly with exclusive coupons, such as 10% off new customer order offer or deals like $50 off a $600 purchase.

A screenshot of coupons listed in the Overstock coupon center.

To unlock the deals, all shoppers have to do is simply tap the activate button under each deal listed in the center. However, just keep in mind that any discount you activate will only appear once you reach checkout.

4. Subscribe to Emails for a 10% Off Coupon Code

Sign yourself up for Overstock Email if you’re looking for a quick way to get a 10% off deal at Overstock.

A screenshot of a graphic promoting the 10% email coupon

The email program is free to join and can be unsubscribed at any time.

Anyone who signs up for the list can expect to receive messages filled with alerts on new shopping offers and exclusive shopping deals on a variety of products.

Immediately after joining the Overstock email, new subscribers get a 10% off promo code sent straight to their inbox that can be redeemed on their next Overstock order.

5. Download the Mobile App for Exclusive Promotions

While some people complain about their smartphone addiction, you can at least get savings from the habit.

By downloading the Overstock mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, you can shop millions of products, earn rewards, create wishlists, and unlock daily app-exclusive coupons.

For those on the lookout for a 10% shopping deal, there’s a good chance you’ll find one by using the mobile app.

6. Join Club O for Shopping Rewards of 10% Off or More

There are other deals to be found at Overstock beyond a 10% coupon code. If you want to expand your bargain horizons, considering becoming a Club O member to unleash shopping perks that can save you countless dollars over time.

The program works by rewarding members 5% back on store purchases and up to 40% back in the members-only Extra Rewards Store. Other benefits of joining the club include shopping rewards for product reviews, access to a dedicated support line, and free shipping on orders and returns.

A screenshot of a graphic promoting member benefits of the O Club

O Club members can use several exclusive shopping perks that can help them save.

However, since there is a $19.95 annual membership fee, frequent Overstock shoppers are the ones who benefit the most from the program.

Score New Products from Overstock.com at a Bargain

Overstock.com is in my favorites tab for a good reason. The store is stuffed with amazing deals on designer brands and name-brand items for furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more. And since the store offers coupons like 10% off, purchases can often feel more like a steal.

Just don’t forget to pop by our Overstock store page to stack on top of your order to make all the good deals you find even better.

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