Modell’s 20% Off Coupon — 5 Ways to Get a Promo Code or Printable

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What can I do to get 20% off my Modell’s purchase?

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald

DealCrunch Editor

Jon answered on 3.2.18:

From playing on the high school football team to my current weekend golf outings, I’m no stranger to sports — or the high costs they come with. But fortunately, I can always go to Modell’s to buy athletic gear that’s within my small budget.

Modell’s carries a wide range of brand name sporting goods at affordable prices. And the store makes it even easier to shop by offering plenty of discounts so you barely have to pay to play. Just use these five tricks to find a 20% off coupon that will win big savings at Modell’s.

1. Find a Modell’s Coupon for 20% Off Right Here

The DealCrunch team is dedicated to helping readers save money when shopping. So if you’re on the lookout for a coupon at Modell’s or another top retailer, visit first. Our special discount technology gathers the best deals across the internet so you don’t have to waste any time searching for a coupon.

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Also, since our coupon list updates hourly, you can be confident that any deal you find on here works when you need to use it.

2. Visit to Find Printable Promotions

If you can’t find a 20% off promo code in our feed, then your next best bet is to head over to the Modell’s website to find current discounts.

A screenshot of product promotions from the Modell's homepage

The Modell’s homepage has banners to help shoppers learn about new promotions and sales.

The website is loaded with shopping deals on a variety of sporting goods. Kickoff your search on the homepage, where you’ll see banners that feature current promotions and sale events. And if you look near the top of the website, you’ll also notice trending store promo codes or other shopping discounts that can help you win major savings on your Modell’s purchase.

3. Join the Email List for Exclusive Shopping Offers

Save more of your energy for the court by signing up for Modell’s email list.

All subscribers receive free weekly updates from the store that include shopping tips and tricks that help customers save. Emails include information on new sports gear, invites to insider events, and exclusive discounts that can be used in-store and online. Just visit the website and scroll to the bottom until you see the prompt to register.

So if you want to land a great deal, you’re sure to find a coupon sitting inside your inbox at some point.

4. Verify You’re a Student or Veteran for Special Discounts

Modell’s does’t want to let expenses ever get in the way of being active. But since buying new sporting and athletic gear isn’t always cheap, the store offers a 10% off discount to customers who can verify the are either a student or hero.

A screenshot of a graphic promoting the Modell's student discount

A college (.edu) email address must be provided to unlock the exsclusive student offer. To receive the Modell’s hero discount, only basic information and status is needed to access the deal.

First responders, active duty, reservists, National Guard, veterans, retirees, and any registered dependents are all eligible for the 10% off promo code for heroes to use on their order.

Just keep in mind, however, that these discounts are for online purchases only.

5. Use a Competitor Coupon to Score 20% Off

Modell’s also boasts an impressive competitor coupon policy to ensure it always has the best deals on gear and more.

Budget-savvy shoppers can use competitor’s coupons or advertised prices to get a deal on all the same qualifying products found in the store. Modell’s will accept any coupon that matches the item purchased and use the same limitations according to the competitor coupon policy.

While this offer can potentially get you 20% off your order, be mindful that competitor coupon offers can’t be combined with other shopping discounts on the same purchase.

Save on Premium Sporting Goods with a Promo Code

Modell’s carries a wide range of premium sporting goods and athletic apparel at reasonable prices. But since costs can soar when stocking up on sports gear, a 20% off coupon on your Modell’s purchase can make all the difference for both checkout and your checking account.

So play the bargain game right and stop by our Modell’s store page for promo codes that will always score you major savings.