Michaels Free Shipping — (4 Crafty Ideas to Get the Coupon Code)

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How can I get free shipping at Michaels.com?

Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

DealCrunch Editor

Amber answered on 4.6.17:

Anyone who’s part of a super fandom, like Harry Potter, knows there’s plenty to DIY.

To represent your house, you not only need the right robes, but you also need proper wizarding accessories. Wands, for example, can be easily (and cheaply)  crafted yourself. I’ve seen a single chopstick transform into a very convincing wand with just a little hot glue, paint, and texturizing details like beads and crystals.

One of my favorite places to turn to for craft supplies is Michaels.com. Whether I need to make a wand or a spellbook, I know the art supply store has everything I need and at the right price.

Michaels has everyday sales, but you can also save online with promo codes and free shipping deals. Let’s take a look at how you can save for your next fandom project.

1. Check for Current Michaels Shipping Coupons

The first place to look for savings is right here at DealCrunch! We custom-built our coupon tech to continuously search the web for the best deals. Our offers are updated hourly after our team of editors tests each deal. This way we only share the best coupons with our readers.

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Remember to check our list of deals before you buy to maximize your savings.

2. Subscribe to Michaels Promotional Emails

Michaels rewards its subscribers with first looks at savings, and that includes free shipping deals. When you subscribe to Michaels email, you’ll get updates on sales, promotions, and project ideas for free.

Screenshot of Michaels email signup form

From the homepage, simply scroll to the bottom and enter your email in the box. You should receive a confirmation once you sign up.

3. Choose Ship-to-Store to Save on Shipping Fees

Another option Michaels offers to help you save when ordering online is its ship-to-store offer. At checkout, you’ll have the choice of shipping to an address you input or searching by zip code for a nearby Michaels to ship your order to.

Shipping to the store is free and takes about 5-7 business days — just don’t forget to pick your order up!

4. Visit Other Deal Sites for Exclusive Offers

If you didn’t find free shipping — or a better offer — on our deals list, you’re not out of luck yet. Michaels sometimes shares exclusive promotions with specific sites, including ours. It’s possible, even if we don’t have free shipping available, that another website might. We suggest the following stores:

Get Your Craft On with Free Shipping from Michaels

I love that I can go online, pick out the items I need for my next fandom-inspired craft, and ship either to my house or the store nearest me (because, let’s face it, I’m probably going to Michaels again soon anyway).

Photo of wands from Harry Potter

Michaels has the craft supplies to help you make very convincing magic wands to look like those from the Harry Potter theme park wand shop.

With free shipping and other great savings from Michaels, you’ll be able to make a more affordable — and personalized — version of a Harry Potter wand. Or whatever else you’re into.

No matter what you need from Michaels, savings abound at DealCrunch.