Does Kohl’s Price Match? — (Policy for Online and Amazon Prices)

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Does Kohl's price match other offers online?

Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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Amber answered on 3.9.17:

Kohl’s has some of the hottest brands and licensed merchandise, so it’s always one of my go-to stores to shop for new shoes.

If you’re looking for a pair of Reeboks — my brand of choice — you can bring in a competitor’s ad to your local Kohl’s to get the better price. While the price match policy is pretty generous in stores, if you see a better price online, or just prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, you won’t get Kohl’s to match those prices.

Don’t worry! Below, we dive into Kohl’s price matching policy and other ways you can always be sure you’re getting the best price no matter how you shop.

Key Points to Remember About Kohl’s Price Match Policy

As we previously mentioned, the Kohl’s price match policy only applies to in-store purchases, not those made online.

You should also know that Kohl’s will not do price adjustments on specific brands such as American Girl, Columbia, Converse, Dyson, Koolaburra, Levi’s, Nike, Under Armour, and other merchandise, including prestige cosmetic brands and premium electronics.

In Store Price Matching for

If the items you’re shopping for fit within the price match policy, simply bring in the advertisement of the better price from a competitor’s store, not an online-only promotion from the website. Just be sure it includes the item details as price matching can only be done if the advertised deal is for the exact same product.

For example, if you wanted to pick up a six-pack of socks for that pair of Reeboks, the advertisement would need to be for the six-pack, not the four-pack of the same brand.

Kohl’s Doesn’t Match Amazon Pricing

You should also note that Kohl’s won’t match pricing found online, including from

A chart of Kohl's price matching policy

While your local Kohl’s will match competitor store ads, it will not match ads or deals found online from competitors like Amazon or Macy’s, nor will it match its own online prices in a local store.

How to Save When Shopping Online at

So, if you prefer shopping online, we’ve found a few ways for you to save on your purchase. The best thing you can do when shopping online is to browse promo code offers and current special sales. Kohl’s makes it easy to stack and save deals — you can apply up to four coupons to one order!

At DealCrunch, our list of Kohl’s offers is updated every hour thanks to our custom-built software that scours the web for the best codes and sales. Not only does our proprietary deal engine run 24/7, but our team of editors tests each deal for accuracy. Always check our Kohl’s store page for a complete list of the day’s best deals.

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Sign Up for Access to Exclusive Offers

Another way you can stay in the know is by joining Kohl’s email club and subscribing to promotional texts. They’re two different services, both offering new subscribers 15% off, with more deals on the way.

A screenshot from the Kohl's email and text signup page

As a member of their subscriber list, you’ll be alerted to new offers, sometimes before they’re available to the general public!

All you have to do is visit the email signup page on and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Sign Up for Sale Alerts” link. If you already have a Kohl’s account, just log in to update your email preferences to receive promotions.

Get Low Prices Every Day with Kohl’s Coupons

While the Kohl’s price matching policy only applies to purchases made in stores — and only matches prices from other in-store ads — you can still get a great deal online through special promotions.

Kohl’s always has a few good promo codes floating around to save shoppers big bucks online, despite not matching prices. But after deep discounts from stacking deals online, you’re likely to get the best price anyway.

Just be sure to browse our Kohl’s store page to see the current deals before clicking checkout; we’ll likely have something to help you save on your favorite pair of shoes.