Kohl’s Cash Codes – Get a Free $15 or $10 Promo Code

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How can I get Kohl’s Cash or other Kohl’s coupon codes?

Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews

DealCrunch Editor

Hayley answered on 6.22.17:

About once a year, my closet goes through what’s affectionately referred to as “The Great Purge,” during which I’ll sort through all my clothes for items that I don’t wear anymore and donate them to charity. Shortly after I drop off my last batch of donations comes what my friends like to call “The Great Splurge,” or the process of shopping for new pieces to refill my closet.

What they don’t realize is, because I shop at places like Kohl’s, I don’t end up splurging much at all. Kohl’s offers many ways to save on top brand names, including its popular rebate coupon promotion, Kohl’s Cash, which can be redeemed for up to $15 off a future purchase.

Kohl’s Cash codes are even stackable with other offers to further discount your next haul. We’ve researched how you can get your hands on Kohl’s Cash and other great deals, so let’s take a look at the three ways to save with Kohl’s Cash codes.

1. Sign Up to Earn Kohl’s Cash with a $50 Purchase

Before you shop in stores or online at Kohl’s, it’s important to know if there’s a current Kohl’s Cash promotion and what the terms are. Sometimes, the promotion offers $5 for every $25 spent; other times it’s $10 for every $50.

Image of a Kohl's Cash certificate

If you’re shopping in-store during a Kohl’s Cash period, the store associate at the register will just hand you a Kohl’s Cash coupon along with your receipt, which will include details for redemption. For online transactions, you’ll want to sign up for a free Yes2You Rewards account to keep track of your Kohl’s Cash digitally.

Quick Tip: Kohl’s rounds up to the next Kohl’s Cash payout level if your purchase is within $2 of it. That means if the promotion offered $5 Kohl’s Cash for purchases totaling less than $50, and $10 for purchases of $50 or more, but your total came to $48, you” receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash.

2. Get a Bigger Discount with Kohl’s Cash + Promo Codes

One of my favorite things about Kohl’s is its generous coupon stacking policy, which allows you to use up to four discount codes per online order. Combine our promo codes, store promotions, Kohl’s Cash, and Yes2You Rewards points on a single purchase for some truly brag-worthy discounts.

And you can find the most up-to-date offers right here at DealCrunch. Our proprietary algorithm regularly scours the internet to find great deals, so combining your Kohl’s Cash with one of our codes can lead to some seriously deep discounts on online purchases.

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3. Redeem In-Store or Use a Kohl’s Cash Code Online

There’s no required minimum purchase price to use collected Kohl’s Cash, so you can use it as soon as the promotional redemption period begins.

Redeeming Kohl’s Cash at a brick-and-mortar location is as simple as handing it to a store associate at the register when you’re done shopping. And using Kohl’s Cash online is equally as simple — just enter the 15-digit coupon code and its four-digit PIN on the checkout page.

This is where you’ll also want to enter one of our promo codes and any other current store promotions to maximize your savings. It’s important to remember that Kohl’s Cash will be deducted before any other code and that it can’t be used to cover shipping costs. So if you have $20 in Kohl’s Cash and buy something for $17, you can’t put the remaining $3 in Kohl’s Cash toward shipping.

Be sure to check the redemption dates on your Kohl’s Cash because the window can sometimes be less than a week. Some stores have been known to honor expired Kohl’s Cash at the manager’s discretion, but you won’t find any wiggle room online.

Quick Tip: Download the Kohl’s App and use its Wallet feature to keep your Yes2You points and rewards, as well as Kohl’s Cash, all in one place. Plus, if you opt in on push notifications, you’ll get alerts about any unused and soon-to-expire Kohl’s Cash.

Kohl’s Cash Codes Could Save You $10 or More

Kohl’s Cash was created to reward regular Kohl’s customers with incentives to come back to shop in stores or online at Kohls.com and continue the cycle of saving. I know when it’s time for another “Great Splurge,” I’ll be heading to Kohl’s for the great deals of the day and the even greater deals Kohl’s Cash offers for future purchases.

And, since you can stack Kohl’s Cash codes and coupons, be sure to visit our Kohl’s store page to use the most up-to-date deals and make your Kohl’s Cash go even further.