JCPenney “Free Shipping” Code – (4 Ways to Get the Coupon)

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How much can I save with a JCPenney free shipping code?

Lauren Keys

Lauren Keys

DealCrunch Editor

Lauren answered on 9.12.16:

We have all experienced shipping-fees shock. It’s that feeling after your online cart is full and you click the checkout button only to have your jaw hit the floor when you see how much the shipping will cost. The turning point for me was when I purchased a KitchenAid stand mixer.

It was on sale for $250 and I had a 10% off coupon, so it showed as $225 in my cart. Then I clicked order and my heart sank. The shipping cost was $29.24. Why would I pay nearly $30 to ship a $225 item? That makes the 10% off coupon I used worthless!

That is exactly why free shipping can be a lifesaver, especially at JCPenney, where you can order anything from perfume to a new refrigerator. After doing the research, we have found the top four ways to get your JCPenney free shipping coupon.

1. Check Our Site for a JCPenney Free Shipping Code

When searching for a JCPenney free shipping coupon, try us first. We take pride in the amount of work we put into getting consumers the best possible deals, and that work is evident on our JCPenney page. We have a team of editors combing through the offers our proprietary search engine finds all over the web to bring you the most up-to-date deals.

Below are the current JCPenney free shipping offers:

Free Shipping

Free Shipping With $99+ Order Or To Store with $25+ Order

Free Shipping

Free Shipping on $99+ order.

Storewide coupons and promo codes are updated every hour, so be sure to check our list first for a JCPenney shipping coupon or other storewide deal.

2. Take Advantage of “Free Shipping to Store”

One surefire way to get an item shipped for free is to have JCPenney send it directly to a store near you. If you order online, they will ship anything over $25 to a local store at no charge, all you have to do is go to the location, show them your ID and the credit card you used to make the purchase, then drive home with your item. JCPenney also has all of their shipping information listed online in an easy-to-read chart.

Screenshot of JCPenney shipping chart

This can be a great option for free shipping if there is a JCPenney close by, and especially if, like me, you were planning on taking a trip to the mall soon anyway!

3. Browse for Promo Codes or Offers

On JCPenney’s website, you normally won’t have to look far to find out what their current deals are. The best deals are often embedded in banners on the front page, making them hard to miss. They do have a dedicated JCPenney coupons page, though, that makes it easier to look through the individual offers.

Screenshot of JCPenney coupon page

Free shipping for items over $99 is one of the most common shipping deals, but this would be another good place to check for any free shipping coupons they may have. The retailer often gives special discounts to JCPenney credit card holders, sometimes even sending out a true free shipping code — no minimum purchase required.

4. See Other Coupon Sites for Additional Offers

If you have exhausted your search on our page and, there are always other sites that may have exclusive deals. Try these sites if you are still looking for the right code:

With JCPenney Free Shipping, Checkout Isn’t Scary

Whether you’re looking to buy a new shirt or a 26-pound stand-up mixer, when you get free shipping from JCPenney you can hit that order button without being shocked.

Don’t hang onto that coupon for too long, though. Free shipping means happier shopping, so get online and go after those deals now, knowing that you won’t have a surprise waiting at checkout.

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Free Shipping With $99+ Order Or To Store with $25+ Order

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Free Shipping on $99+ order.

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