How Do Sears Points Work? (Earn, Save & Redeem)

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How do Sears Points work?

Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews

DealCrunch Editor

Hayley answered on 3.11.16:

I always look for ways to save extra money, and often that means signing up for rewards programs at my favorite stores. The perks are always worth it, but having a different account and perks program at every store is a lot to keep track of.

Recently, many stores have begun to consolidate their rewards programs. Plenti and Shop Your Way are two of the more common unified perks programs where you can enroll with one account and earn points at various locations, including restaurants and retail stores. As part of the Shop Your Way rewards program, Sears Points are a great way to earn perks both online at and at Sears store locations.

Along with redeeming Sears coupon codes, members can save money by redeeming Sears Points at checkout. Here’s a quick breakdown of how Sears Points work now through the Shop Your Way program:

Create a Shop Your Way Rewards Account

The first step to earning and redeeming Sears Points is to create an account (if you don’t already have one).

Screenshot of the Shop Your Way signup form

You can quickly sign in with Facebook to avoid adding another login to your list or simply provide an email address and a password to create a new account. You’ll receive an email to confirm your account and provide you with a member number.

If you have any questions on how to make an account, feel free to contact the Shop Your Way customer service team.

Earn Points on Thousands of Products Online

When you’re ready to stack up those points at Sears, simply log in to your account when shopping online or provide your member number, email address, or phone number to the clerk during in-store checkout.

You’ll earn 1% back in Shop Your Way Points on every $1 spent or 2% back in Points if you use your Sears credit card to make the purchase. If you use your Sears credit card, you’ll earn points through both the Shop Your Way program and the Sears Choice Rewards, which is a separate program offered through your Sears credit card.

Screenshot of how to earn Sears Points via Shop Your Way Program

Specific items or purchases may qualify you for Bonus Points, which would be added to your Base Points earning of 1% or 2% back, so always be on the lookout for those special offers. Plus, Sears issues surprise Shop Your Way points throughout the year just for being a member!

But remember, all Points expire within one year and take up to seven days to appear in your Shop Your Way account.

Redeem Your Points Right at Checkout

When you’re ready to redeem your Sears Points online, proceed to checkout or click on “Cart” at the top corner of the page. On the Payment page, click “Redeem My Reward Points” and select the number of Points you want to redeem.

How to Use Shop Your Way Points

If you’re not already signed into your Shop Your Way rewards account, you can enter your Member number and PIN in the given fields at checkout to redeem your Points.

At Sears locations, simply provide the store assocaite with your member number and the amount of points you wish to redeem on your in-store purcahse. If you’re redeeming $10 or less in Points, you won’t be asked for your PIN.

Spend Your Rewards at Sears and Other Stores

All Sears Points can be redeemed not only at and store locations, but also at Kmart, Lands’ End, The Great Indoors, and MyGofer (either in-store or online).

If you haven’t signed up for a Shop Your Way rewards account yet, join today! As a member you’ll earn Sears Points and be eligible to receive exclusive coupons to use alongside the Shop Your Way program for stacked savings.

Earning Sears Points allows you to get more for your money while shopping — and since the program allows you to earn and redeem points at other department stores, you won’t have to memorize all the details to multiple accounts.