Home Depot Price Match Policy — (Includes Lowe’s, But Not Amazon)

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Does Home Depot price match other stores?

Levi Horowitz

Levi Horowitz

DealCrunch Editor

Levi answered on 2.27.17:

Good news — Home Depot does price match other stores!

A go-to for any home repair or renovation project, Home Depot wants to make sure you can get what you need and at a fair price, which is why it offers a Low Price Guarantee.

However, there are a few caveats, including how price matching applies to online purchases, appliances, competitors, and Amazon, that we’ll explore together in this post. Let’s take a look at the policy.

The Home Depot Price Match Policy

Home Depot offers a Low Price Guarantee to ensure shoppers get the best deal on home improvement products from patio staples and light fixtures to hardware and even appliances. This guarantee covers both online and in-store purchases, but the terms for each vary slightly.

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Home Depot will not match pricing from a discount reseller or wholesale company, nor does the price match apply to refurbished products or one-time-only promotions such as rebates and bundles.

Competitor (Lowe’s) Price Matching + 10% Off

In all 2,200+ Home Depot stores, you can present a weekly ad either on your phone or from a printed flyer and request a price match. The important detail here is it has to be current, not a promotion from last month, for Home Depot to match the price a competitor, like Lowe’s, is offering.

Another important detail is that the ad has to be for the same exact product, not just the brand. For example, if the ad is for a drill, it has to be the same brand and model number for you to get the price match.

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Once the Home Depot associate confirms those details at the register, he or she will match that price and take an additional 10% off to honor the Low Price Guarantee!

Online Price Matching for the Same Items

The upside to Home Depot’s price matching policy is that it does include online purchases. HomeDepot.com will match a lower price you find from competitors, but, unfortunately, it does not provide the additional 10% off for online buys.

You should also know that Home Depot bases the price match on both the price of the item as well as the cost of shipping that item to you.

Shop Online & Save 10% or More with Promos

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Amazon’s Discount Prices Not Matched

We briefly explained earlier that items found on discount reseller websites don’t qualify for price matching at Home Depot.

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Unfortunately, that includes the ever-popular Amazon.com, which offers competitive prices on products from retailers, reseller storefronts, and even individuals.

While Home Depot doesn’t match Amazon prices, the store will match other retailers — including competitors — selling the same new, in-stock products.

Get the Lowest Price in Stores or Online

With Home Depot’s Low Price Guarantee, you can shop confidently in stores thanks to a generous price-matching policy that includes beating the lowest price by 10%.

However, that additional 10% savings does not apply to online purchases, so be sure to check our Home Depot store page for current promotions that could save you 10% or more.