Home Depot Appliance Sale – From Package to Scratch and Dent Deals

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How can I save on appliances at Home Depot?

PJ Fuller

PJ Fuller

DealCrunch Editor

PJ answered on 5.16.17:

On a Taco Tuesday a few years back, I spread a handful of chips out on a piece of tinfoil and threw them in the oven to broil for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, my range didn’t have a window to monitor the cooking process, so I found out my chips had caught fire as soon as I opened the oven door to a wall of flames. I put out the blaze before it did any damage to my house, but, needless to say, we needed a new range — immediately.

We saved a few hundred dollars on a new oven with a glass stovetop (and a window) because the store was out of stock and we purchased the floor model. But you don’t have to buy display appliances to save big. Below we’ve identified some ways you can find everyday savings on appliances at Home Depot.

Browse Online Offers for Appliance Savings

When an appliance goes kaput — whether it is an oven, refrigerator, or a dryer — you’re usually on a time crunch to replace it as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more.

At DealCrunch, we use our proprietary coupon technology to scour the web for new coupons to share every hour. So we’ve got you covered with the best deals whenever you need them.

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Check for Kitchen Packages or Laundry Bundle Sets

Sometimes, home appliances can be like tires on your car — you usually aren’t going to replace just one. This is often the case with washers and dryers as many nowadays are built to go side-by-side or stack.

And if you decide to remodel the kitchen and replace the old refrigerator, you will probably want the other appliances to match. Luckily, Home Depot has these dilemmas covered by offering both kitchen appliance packages and washer and dryer bundles at discounted prices.

Screenshot of Home Depot kitchen appliance bundles

Because of the savings offered with some kitchen appliance bundles, it can frequently cost just as much to buy four bundled items as it would cost to buy three at the regular price. That can be like getting a matching over-the-range microwave for free when you buy a refrigerator, dishwasher, and range.

Take Advantage of Home Depot’s Low Price Guarantee

Home Depot strives to offer the lowest price on every appliance you need, but sometimes a competitor manages to offer a product for less. If you find a better price anywhere online, HomeDepot.com will match it.

But in-store, the Low Price Guarantee can mean even more savings, because if you bring an ad into a physical store with a lower price on an identical product, Home Depot will beat it by 10%. That means nobody in town has better prices than Home Depot.

Photos of appliances and a Home Depot associate

Also, Home Depot often discounts scratch and dent appliances as well as items that have been returned. These items vary by store, but if you are willing to buy an item deemed less-than-perfect, you could save a little extra — like I did on my floor model oven.

Savings to Keep Your Appliance Update Under Budget

We still celebrate Taco Tuesdays frequently, and even though we have a nice oven with a window, we eat our chips right out of the bag now. The last time I tried to warm them up in the oven, I was fortunate to get a good deal on a new range at my local Home Depot.

But you don’t have to count on luck to get a good price on appliances, you can take advantage of Home Depot’s everyday savings, Low Price Guarantee, or package and bundle deals.

And before you order online — or head to the store — make sure to visit our Home Depot coupons page to make sure you are maximizing every dollar. Because when you need an appliance, time is often critical — but so is saving money.