3 Gander Mountain “Gift Card” Tips — (Where to Buy & Check Balance)

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Where can I buy Gander Mountain gift cards?

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answered on: 10.6.16

A Gander Mountain gift card provides a perfect excuse to gear up and go outside. Maybe you have a friend who really loves to fish but hasn’t been able to get out on the lake recently. Or perhaps you’ve been dying to get back into hunting but haven’t had the time to venture out into the woods. Gift cards to Gander Mountain, which sells everything from kayaks to hunting boots, can be a great motivator to get back into your favorite outdoor hobbies.

So, how can you get your hands on a Gander Mountain gift card, and once you use it, how can you know exactly how much is left on it? Below we’ve broken down some of the most common concerns around gift cards and offered tips to make the most of your balance with added savings on your next purchase.

Where to Buy | Check Your Balance | Save 40% or More

1. Where to Buy Gander Mountain Gift Cards

Not so long ago, you used to have to go to one of the Gander Mountain store locations to buy a gift card, but now, there are a few options. If you can’t get to the store, don’t have an internet connection, or find yourself thinking about gift cards while out on the lake, you can call 1-888-542-6337.

Pick One Up In-Store or Order Online

The next time you’re at Gander Mountain, you can pick up a gift card at the register if you know of an occasion coming up. You can also get a gift card at GanderMountain.com by choosing an amount and a design. You can even add your own personalized message to the card. The gift card can be shipped directly to you or whomever you are giving it to as a gift.

Quick Tip: Gander Mountain also offers discounts on bulk orders of gift cards. Planning on buying a bunch of gift cards to give out during the holidays? Just email Gander Mountain and tell them how many you want to see how much you can save.

Give Them a Gander Mountain E-Gift Card

We’ve all found ourselves in need of a gift at the last minute. Driving to the store or having something shipped just aren’t quick enough options. When that happens, the e-gift card route is the way to go. Gander Mountain makes it quick and easy to buy and send an e-gift card on their website.

It can be emailed to someone in minutes, ensuring that you don’t miss that special occasion. You can even upload a picture and message to display on the e-gift card before you send it.

2. How To Check Your Gander Mountain Gift Card Balance

If you don’t use a gift card right away, it can be easy to forget whether you’ve used it or the dollar amount that’s on it. Luckily, Gander Mountain makes it pretty easy to find the balances on the store’s gift cards.

You can get your gift card balance on Gander Mountain’s website by clicking the “Check Your Balance” link. Enter your gift card number and PIN, and you can view your balance in seconds. You can also call 1-888-542-6337 to check your card balance over the phone.

Quick Tip: Once you find out the balance, write it on the card with a permanent marker so you don’t forget and have to look up the balance all over again.

3. Our Deals + Your Gander Mountain Card = Big Savings

Whether the gift cards go to a new fishing pole or a hammock for camping, combining them with a great coupon can make them worth even more. To make those gift cards go as far as possible, make sure to check out our Gander Mountain deals page for the most updated coupons.

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With Gift Cards, Get Your Gear & Head Outside

Whether you’re using a Gander Mountain gift card yourself or giving one to a friend or family member, you know the recipient will soon be heading outside to fish, camp, hike, or hunt.

Gander Mountain gift cards can help make getting out onto the lake or venturing into the woods more likely to happen, and our deals page can help you maximize your next buy so you’ll have even more reason to set time aside for your favorite hobbies.