GameStop Rewards: How to Earn Points & Save as a PowerUp Member

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How can I use GameStop PowerUp rewards to save money?

Adam West

Adam West

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Adam answered on 2.28.18:

Playing video games is one of my favorite ways to relax.  Whether I’m with a group of friends or by myself, I know I can always kick back and have a fun time playing. But I also know that I have to switch up my video games regularly so I don’t get bored.

I’m always shopping at GameStop because it has a wide range of video games, systems, consoles, collectibles, and accessories. The store especially popular with gamers for its affordable prices and countless deals on pre-owned items.  And better yet, loyal shoppers can unlock deeper discounts on items storewide by joining the GameStop PowerUp rewards program. So read on to learn how you can earn PowerUp rewards at GameStop to save on your next purchase.

PowerUp Rewards Members Can Earn Pro-Level Perks

The more you put in, the more you get out when it comes to the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program.

A graphic of the different member tiers of the PowerUp Rewards programs at GameStop

Each member earns points based on their shopping activity, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases made at the store.

The program is organized into three membership tiers that all provide shoppers a range of benefits that can help them save at GameStop.

Earn Points for Each Dollar You Spend at GameStop

Depending on what type of shopper you are at GameStop, there is a PowerUp Rewards membership that’s right for you.

With the Player level that’s free to join, each member receives 10 points for every dollar spent. But if you find yourself popping into GameStop frequently, consider the Pro level membership, which costs $14.99 annually and provides 20 points for every dollar spent.

Quick tip: Do you enjoy getting free goodies? Upgrade to the Pro or Elite Pro status and you’ll receive a birthday gift and 12 issues of Game Informer Magazine.

But if you’re a dedicated store regular who wants to score the deepest possible discounts, then the Elite Pro membership is the one for you. For just $29.99 a year, Elite Pro members have all the same perks as Pro level members with a reward of 30 points for every dollar spent.

Access Members-Only Discounts In-Store and Online

Not only do PowerUp members earn reward points, they also win numerous members-only discounts. Just keep in mind that while the Player level membership doesn’t have access to store discounts, Pro and Elite Pro members have a variety of exclusive deals and insider shopping deals.

Pro level members get 10% off all pre-owned games and accessories, and a 10% trade credit to use on any purchase. Elite Pro members enjoy the same discount, but at an accelerated 20% off discount to make it an even sweeter deal.

Quick tip: In a hurry to find a discount? Upgrade to Pro or Elite Pro membership status and you’ll receive a buy 2 get 1 free offer on pre-owned video games.

A graphic promoting exclusive discounts PowerUp pro members

In addition to discounts on select items, both Pro and Elite Pro memberships provide access to insider sale events and exclusive deals that are worth $50 each month.

Purchase $35 or More to Unlock Free Shipping

Online shopping is convenient, but additional fees for delivery make things difficult for anyone on a budget. But fortunately, Elite Pro members can avoid having to pay for shipping depending on what they put in their shopping cart.

Elite Pro members have free 2-day shipping on any purchase that’s $35 or more. Since the cheapest store items start at around $10, you can easily meet the minimum by simply adding a few items in your cart.

Get a PowerUp Rewards Credit Card for Special Discounts

Apply for a PowerUp Rewards Credit Card to unlock unique discounts that will help you save big at GameStop.

A screenshot of the GameStop Credit Card

By opening an account, you’ll enjoy exclusive cardmember shopping offers in addition to the same deals PowerUp members enjoy. There is also no annual fee and cardholders have the ability to make purchases both in-store and online.

New cardholders can earn huge savings fast since the card provides full access to previously earned PowerUp rewards and a first purchase offer of up to 15,000 reward points.

Other Ways to Find Deals for Your GameStop Purchase

Though being a PowerUp Rewards member can save you major bucks at GameStop, there are still some deals you won’t always get. So be sure to check out DealCrunch for those other offers to maximize your savings at the video game retailer. Our website has the top offers found across the internet for GameStop and other leading stores, so you’ll always be able to spot a promo code that you can stack on your purchase at checkout.

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Even if you don’t see an offer in our coupon list that works for you today, return back often because our website updates hourly with new discounts and promo codes.

Visit the Online Deal Center for Major Markdowns

As great as the rewards program may be, some shoppers don’t want to commit to a membership. So if that sounds like you, look to the GameStop online deal center for easy-to-find discounts and irresistible offers.

A screenshot of items listed in the GameStop deal center

Shoppers can find several discounted items on

The online deal center is a one-stop destination for many of the best prices you’ll find at the store. The page conveniently features special discounts, new clearance arrivals, and the latest pre-owned items for bargain hunters to pounce on.

The PowerUp Rewards Program Makes Games Affordable

I never get tired of playing video games, but I do need to switch up the games and consoles I use. But since my habit can get expensive, I do all of my shopping for video games, systems, consoles, and accessories at GameStop so I can actually afford it all. And if you join the GameStop PowerUp rewards program, like I have, you can unlock extra discounts that can save you serious dough.

Even if you’re a PowerUp Rewards member, it’s worth noting that you can still combine your rewards with other coupons. So head over to our GameStop store page to grab a promo code for your next purchase.