GameStop Pre-Order Policy (4 Steps to Getting Your Game On)

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Can I pre-order games at GameStop?

Toby Sembower,

DealCrunch Editor

answered on: 4.16.16

Yes, you can pre-order games at GameStop. In fact, GameStop is the place to pre-order games because they often come with bonuses like a custom skin, extra weapon, or a T-shirt that you can only get through GameStop before the game is released.

Being their awesome selves, GameStop makes this process simple. Here’s how you can pre-order your game of choice, and get it into your hands as soon as it’s released:

1. Visit GameStop and Search for the Game

You can visit the GameStop website and search for the game you desire right at the top of the site.

Once you find your game you can just click the “pre-order” button.

Another option is to browse the pre-release section of the website and look for a game you want.

2. Select “Store Pick-Up” or “Delivery”

At checkout you will have two options for receiving your game: have it delivered to you when it’s released or pick it up at a nearby GameStop store. With either option, it’s best to just make your reservation online.

To locate a nearby store just visit the “Find a Store” page at GameStop.

3. Look for a Promo Code

Usually with pre-orders from GameStop, it’s tough to find a coupon or promo code that will work. But sometimes you’ll find a sale on your specific game or a sitewide discount that can be applied to any game.

It’s worth a shot to try our GameStop coupons page to look for a deal that might fit for you. Our team keeps this page updated regularly to ensure it lists all of the web’s best GameStop deals:

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4. You Only Pay When Your Game is Ready

If you choose the delivery option, you will leave a credit card number that will only be charged once your game shipped. In the case of store pickup, you can pay with any major credit card, cash, or a GameStop gift card.

If you are remotely interested in video games, then you understand the excitement of waiting for the release of that next triple-A (or indie) title. Whether it’s the next Call of Duty, Smash Bros., or Super Meat Boy there is a point in time where we decide that we want this game no matter what.

Your soul says: “Must…Have…This…Game!”

All in all, pre-ordering is a great way to guarantee that you will have the hottest new games as soon as they are released. You can even choose to pay later or cancel your pre-order if some sort of gamer tragedy happens.

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