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What can I expect to save by shopping Expedia Daily Deals?

PJ Fancher

PJ Fancher

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PJ answered on 1.29.18:

It pays to play when it comes to finding the best travel deals. You need to stay active in your search — even if it means setting aside time every day — to spot the greatest offers. And that couldn’t be more true than when shopping at Expedia.

The online travel fare company has daily deals for budget-savvy travelers at big discounts. While Expedia has plenty of coupons available 24/7, the daily deals are among the website’s steepest offers — going as high as a whopping 40% off original price.

However, it’s crucial to know the rules of the game if you want to find the right travel offer. So here’s a few notes to keep in mind about Expedia’s Daily Deals that will help you score the biggest bang for your buck.

Key Points for Finding Discounts Through Daily Deals

Landing a travel bargain from Expedia’s Daily Deals can be easy, but it still takes a little research. While the website has huge markdowns for shoppers, it’s smart to keep a few guidelines in mind before you make any purchase.

The Promotions Will Vanish if You Don’t Act Fast

Expedia stays true to the daily deals name by offering them for 24 hours at a time. All of the listed deals shoppers find through the search query are removed and updated daily, so you must act quickly if you see an offer that interests you.
A screenshot of the Expedia daily deals search query

The start and end time of each travel deal is determined according to its time zone. However, it’s worth noting that offers are subject to availability and can sometimes be discontinued without notice.

Listed Deal Prices Come with a Few Conditions

Daily deals come with a few strings attached that can impact your buying decision.

Remember that any price you see on a listing includes Expedia’s discount and shouldn’t be confused with the original price. Also, double check whether a minimum stay is required or if the posted price is only per night.

Other Ways to Find Deals Every Day at Expedia

There are plenty of other hacks to uncover travel discounts beyond Expedia’s daily deal offers. The online travel fare aggregator is popular for low prices, but the website has other discounts and travel steals available for longer than 24 hours at a time.

The Expedia website can be overwhelming, so make your next travel search easy by heading to DealCrunch. Our team of editors are on a mission to help readers find the top discounts on travel and more. We have developed coupon technology that updates our offers not just daily, but hourly with the best sales and discounts, including at Expedia.

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If you’re still unable to find a deal that fits your needs, there are still other tricks to locate the best offers at Expedia.

Become an Expedia+ Member & Unlock Hidden Savings

For loyal Expedia patrons, consider joining the Expedia+ Rewards Program to unlock discounts every time you book through the site.

A screenshot of the Expedia+ logo

The program is free to join and all points can be used the moment they are earned.

Members receive 2 points for every $1 spent on a hotel, cruise, activity, car rental, or travel package.

Additional benefits of the program include exclusive travel offers, access to room upgrades, free travel amenities, and more.

Enjoy a Cheap Getaway by Using an Expedia Coupon

Expenses can add up when you’re planning a trip. Fortunately, budget shoppers can look to Expedia and find low prices on flights, hotels, cruises, activities, car rentals, and vacation packages. The website offers discounts every day — whether they’re posted in the daily deals or splashed across the homepage.

Quick tip: Did you find a better deal on another travel website after you booked with Expedia? Fill out the Best Price Guarantee application for a refund of the difference — and receive a travel coupon worth $50.

With so many ways to save, there’s no reason to overspend at Expedia. Just remember to visit our Expedia store page regularly to see if there are any deals that fit your travel plans.

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