Does GameStop Buy Broken iPhones? (iPhone 4, 5 & 6)

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Does GameStop buy broken iPhones?

PJ Fuller,

DealCrunch Editor

answered on: 3.14.16

GameStop’s Trade-In Program is a great way to sell your old games, tablets, gaming systems, and even smartphones at any store location.

In addition to using GameStop promo codes, gamers can save on future purchases by either getting store credit or cash for their unwanted electronics.

Gamestop even buys broken iPhones, ranging from a 4s to 6s Plus. All you have to do is look up the value of your iPhone at, bring it to any store location, then get store credit or cash. It’s that easy!

Here’s a quick estimate of how much you’ll get for your broken iPhone:

         iPhone Generation                       Store Credit Value                           Cash Value
             iPhone 6s Plus                                   $75                               $60
                 iPhone 6s                                   $70                               $56
              iPhone 6 Plus                                  $100                               $80
                  iPhone 6                                    $50                               $40
                 iPhone 5s                                   $40                               $32
                  iPhone 5                                  $20                               $16
                 iPhone 4s                                   $5                                 $4

GameStop also buys iPads and iPods, so almost any iOS device is eligible to sell! Don’t let your old electronics lie around the house; take them into any GameStop store, and trade them today.

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