Build-A-Bear Prices (3 Costs to Know About)

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How does pricing work at Build-A-Bear?

Anne Copeland,

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answered on: 8.9.16

When I was a kid, the Build-A-Bear Workshop had a magical feel to it. We’d pass by it in the mall, and I’d stare in wonder. That’s where stuffed animals are born.

It’s such a cool concept to bring kids into the creation process and let them choose all the bits and pieces that’ll make up their new cuddly playmate. If you get caught up in your child’s excitement, though, you may end up spending more than you intend. You should know what you’re getting into before you enter into this plush-filled wonderland.

In 3 simple steps, we’ve broken down the prices of the bear-making process so you can get a better feel of what you’ll spend.

Step 1: Stuffed Animals ($5-$50)

The most expensive part of the stuffed animal-making process is the animal or character. The prices of stuffed animals range from $5-$50. Prices vary based on the item so it’ll make a difference whether your kid wants Chewbacca ($35) or Promise Pets™ Yorkshire Terrier ($25).

There’s a lot to choose from, and the workshop constantly adds more colorful characters that keep up with the latest kid trends. Right now, Build-A-Bear Minions are all the rage. Keep in mind that name-brand collections like My Little Pony, Star Wars, and Disney tend to be more expensive ($25+), whereas Build-A-Bear Buddies are more affordable ($5+).

Step 2: Clothing ($3-$18)

After your child brings his or her new friend to life, the next step is to pick out some Build-A-Bear Workshop clothes. This apparel is made to fit that particular stuffed animal and make them look even cuter. From dresses to costumes, all clothing options cost between $3-$18.

Make sure your kid doesn’t go overboard picking out multiple tops, bottoms, and dresses for these bears. It’s tempting to give them an entire closet of outfits, but keep in mind that every darling outfit could cost as much as $18.

Step 3: Accessories ($1-$10)

After the stuffed animal is put together and dressed for success, the last touch is to add an accessory or two.  This doesn’t just mean cute boots or a stylish headband — Build-A-Bear accessories can be anything from hats to scents.

You can even add in sounds like the Star Wars theme song or Disney’s Frozen tunes. The prices typically range from $1-$10, which makes this the least expensive (but certainly not the least fun) part of the Build-A-Bear process.

After you’ve finished with this final step, you’re ready to check out with your child’s new friend. If you have a Build-A-Bear loyalty card, you can use it at the register to earn points and rewards on your purchase.

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