11 Best Fast Food Deals (2018): Cheap Value Meals & Free Coupons

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The clock strikes 5 p.m., but you’re still at work. One of those days has turned into another one of those weeks. You’re hungry, making dinner doesn’t appeal to you, and, let’s be real, that incessant growling from your stomach demands food pronto. Whether you have to swing by to pick up the kids and head to sports practice or you’re simply rolling solo, the drive-thru is calling.

Fast food is quick and easy — and inexpensive. But coupons and offers from your favorite fast food chains make that drive-thru stop even more appetizing.

We’ve compiled the best deals and offers from 10 of the most popular fast food chains to help you save big the next time you swing by the drive-thru…or eat in, if you have time for that.

McDonald’s Fast Food Deals

The Golden Arches are like a beacon of hope when the Big Mac attack needs to be satisfied or you just crave those tasty McNuggets. With a long list of $1 items and Extra Value Meals, Mickey D’s is easy on the pockets.



4.9/5.0 ★★★★★

In addition to combo meals, which include fries and a drink in the size of your choice, McDonald’s also boasts an extensive value menu of items for just $1. If you haven’t downloaded the McDonald’s app or signed up for email promotions, though, you’re missing out on their best offers and coupons. The deals we’ve seen on the McDonald’s app include, Buy 5 McCafe Drinks®, Get One Free; Buy One Breakfast Sandwich, Get One Free; and Free Medium Fries on Monday.

Offer Category#1 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.9 out of 5
Official Websitewww.McDonalds.com

If the signature selections at Mickey D’s aren’t on your way, or if you’d rather DIY that burger and snag a ‘whopper’ of a deal…head to the next fast food giant.

Burger King Fast Food Deals

At many fast food chains, Burger King included, it pays to be an insider by signing up with your email address or downloading a specific app to score coupons and even place an order.


Burger King

4.8/5.0 ★★★★★

Home of the “Have It Your Way” Whoppers, Burger King boasts a value menu similar to McDonald’s — a regular cheeseburger starts at just $1 — but doesn’t have as many “cheap” options. For example, a small fry is $0.50 more at Burger King then at McDonalds. We’ve found that the key to getting the best deals at BK is to download the app, which is where you’ll find offers like two Whopper meals for $8 .

Offer Category#2 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.8 out of 5
Official Websitewww.BK.com

If you’re looking for something besides burgers, check out the next few fast food joints on this list.

From fried chicken to Mexican food to roast beef sandwiches, we’ve found several other deals to liven up your dinner plans.

Arby’s Fast Food Deals

When you aren’t craving a burger, opt for a roast beef sandwich! Arby’s is a great alternative to the typical burger-based fast food fare.



4.7/5.0 ★★★★★

A classic roast beef sandwich at Arby’s costs just $3.49, but for just a couple bucks more you can upgrade to a meal. Arby’s also rewards customers for signing up for store coupons. When you enter your email address to receive the latest coupons, Arby’s will send you a coupon for a free roast beef classic with drink purchase.

Offer Category#3 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.7 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Arbys.com

While Arby’s is a great alternative to the burger giants, sometimes you just want comfort food.

KFC Fast Food Deals

Anthony Bourdain once confessed that his guilty pleasure was the macaroni and cheese from KFC.

There’s something seriously addicting about that mac n’ cheese — and the chicken, too. From Original Recipe® to Extra Crispy™, The Colonel has a flavor for everyone.



4.4/5.0 ★★★★

With a menu featuring $5 Fill-Ups — combo deals served with mashed potatoes, a biscuit, a drink, and a cookie — KFC is Southern comfort food served up quick. KFC also offers a value menu with items under $3, Big Box meals with full-size sides for $7.99, and the famous $20 family Fill-Up. And if you sign up for the Colonel’s Club, you’ll get even more valuable coupons and offers.

Offer Category#4 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.4 out of 5
Official Websitewww.KFC.com

If you’re into chicken, but prefer the portability of sandwiches, then this next offer might be more your cup of tea.

Chick-fil-A Fast Food Deals

Chick-fil-A has become a popular destination in the South thanks to its renowned chicken sandwiches topped with pickles, little chicken nuggets, and homemade sweet teas and lemonade.



4.5/5.0 ★★★★★

The popular fast food chain is serious about its customer service, which is why Chick-fil-A offers some competitive meal deals. For just a few dollars more, you can make your chicken sandwich a combo with fries. While it’s rare to find coupons for Chick-fil-A, if you download the app you can earn free food and even place your order on the go.

Offer Category#5 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.5 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Chick-fil-A.com

If you’d rather get your chicken on a taco instead of between a bun, check out the offers from this other popular hot spot.

Taco Bell Fast Food Deals

Late night favorite Taco Bell has always ranked highly among drive-thru destinations with great deals morning and night.

To prove its commitment to cheap values, Taco Bell offers numerous specials that don’t require your email address or an app download.


Taco Bell

4.6/5.0 ★★★★★

Not only is Taco Bell’s dollar menu loaded with many satisfying options, but you can also find value meal deals on the menu that include a taco and a drink. When you’re feeling spicy, snag a Spicy Double Chalupa — just $3.49 — and wash it down with a Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade Freeze for $2.49. Taco Bell also offers an app for easy ordering, and you can sign up to receive special offers.

Offer Category#6 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.6 out of 5
Official Websitewww.TacoBell.com

If you’re in the mood for something “frostier,” then check out the deals from this next fast food restaurant.

Wendy’s Fast Food Deals

Wendy’s was made famous by its entrepreneur founder Dave Thomas. Known for square burgers, loaded baked potatoes, and, of course, the chocolate Frosty!



4.1/5.0 ★★★★

The menu at Wendy’s is a bit pricier than at other burger joints on this list, but the chain offers a “Right Size” value menu if you’re looking for more of a snack. And in case you didn’t think the Frosty could get any cooler, Wendy’s regularly offers Frosty deals, such as a $0.50 Frosty. For the best deals, however, download the app or sign up for WendyMail™.

Offer Category#7 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.1 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Wendys.com

In search of healthier options? A sub sandwich might hit the spot.

Subway Fast Food Deals

With a menu filled with budget-friendly and waist-friendly sub sandwiches, Subway allows you to customize your order for the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner combo.

From its famous $5 Footlong special to promotions for new menu items, Subway frequently has deals that can take on your hunger.



4.2/5.0 ★★★★

While you can occasionally get in on the $5 Footlong deals, the best way to take advantage of the deals Subway has to offer is to sign up for automatic coupons. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a coupon for a free 6-inch sub with a 30-ounce drink purchase. Plus, you’ll begin to receive weekly coupons to the email address you provide. To save yourself some time waiting in line, just download the app to place your order on the go.

Offer Category#8 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.2 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Subway.com

If you’re in the mood for chicken wings and fries, though, or you really need your food fast, check out Checkers or Rally’s.

Checkers/Rally’s Fast Food Deals

Checkers and Rally’s offer the same menu, but serve different parts of the US. The chain boasts fast food — fast!



4.7/5.0 ★★★★★

While the typical fare includes burgers and fries, the latest deals from Checkers and Rally’s has been all about chicken wings…and you’ll also want to drink the Kool-Aid — or, rather, the new Watermelon Kool-Aid Slushie. For just $3, you can get 5 boneless wings tossed in any of the chain’s 6 sauces — Stingin’ Honey Garlic, Medium Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo or Garlic Parmesan. Don’t forget about the value menu if you want some of the best deals at Checkers and Rally’s.

Offer Category#9 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.7 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Checkers.com

If neither Checkers nor Rally’s is in your neighborhood, swing by the drive-thru of our next burger giant instead.

Hardee’s Fast Food Deals

Hardee’s, the East Coast companion of Carl’s Jr., boasts a similar menu complete with the famous Thickburger, but don’t worry about paying a thick price. There’s an easy way to find great deals at Hardee’s.



4.0/5.0 ★★★★

The base price of a small cheeseburger at Hardee’s is a great deal, but it isn’t necessarily the best since a small burger isn’t likely to satisfy your appetite. But, the chain offers lots of other options for ’round the clock cravings. For example, try the Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits for breakfast at just $1.29 (or $2.02 for 2). You can also get more bang for your buck from the $5.55 Big Bag, which comes with two of your choice: fries, apple turnover, or a drink. Sign up for even more deals and you might just get a free drink.

Offer Category#10 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.0 out of 5
Official Websitewww.Hardees.com

Located on the West Coast? Head over to Carl’s Jr. for some strikingly similar deals.

Carl’s Jr. Fast Food Deals

Like its sibling brand Hardee’s, the Carl’s Jr. menu is stacked with Thickburgers and those cinnamon-raisin breakfast biscuits.


Carl’s Jr.

4.0/5.0 ★★★★

Carl’s Jr. offers the same kind of deals you can find at Hardee’s, including the $5.55 Big Bag special. In addition to breakfast items, burgers, and sandwiches, you can get Mexican food at the dual-branded restaurant part of Carl’s Jr. — Green Burrito (the West Coast complement of Hardee’s Red Burrito). A recent drink deal we saw at Carl’s Jr. was a $0.99 Strawberry Lemonade, but if you sign up you may find even more offers.

Offer Category#11 in Best Fast Food Deals
DealCrunch Rating4.0 out of 5
Official Websitewww.CarlsJr.com

With one of these deals, you’ll be sure to save as you beat those fast food cravings.

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As you’re packing up those papers and heading out of the office, don’t ignore your grumbling boss of a stomach. You’ve been waiting for 5 p.m. for way too long, and, honestly, do you really want to wait another hour as you make dinner?

Whether it’s burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, or beefy burritos that satisfy your ferocious appetite, it’s time to answer hunger’s call. And if you’re desperate for that order to be ready pronto, download your favorite fast food chain’s app and order online! It doesn’t get any faster or easier, plus you’ll be able to access all the latest fast food deals right from your phone.