Best Buy Student Discount — 4 Steps to Get the “College Student Deals”

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What's required to qualify for Best Buy's student discount?

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Halfway through my college education, my laptop decided to call it quits. While it was tragic for the paper I was working on — and lost — Best Buy had my back with a great deal on a new computer.

Best Buy doesn’t offer a set percentage for its student discount, but instead the electronics retailer provides students with special “college deals” on everything from laptops to accessories like headphones.

Below we’ll take a look at how you can sign up for college deals as a student and what kind of offers you can expect. Plus, we’ve pulled together some of our best deals for Best Buy regardless of whether you’re currently in school.

1. Sign Up for College Student Deals at

The sign-up process to get college student deals is incredibly easy. From, simply click on the Deals drop down at the top of the page to reveal the Student Hub. At the hub, you’ll see another button to “Sign Up For Deals.” The next page is a log-in screen, but there’s also a link to create a new account.

Best Buy doesn’t offer a student discount, but instead provides college deals via email after you sign up and confirm your school.

To create a new account, you’ll need to provide the typical name, email, and phone number data as well as create a password. Best Buy will also ask for your birthday and the name of the school you went to.

You can even connect your My Best Buy account adding your ID to your profile. This will help you streamline the rewards you earn on purchases and keep all your shopping data, including protection plans, in one place for you.

2. Use a Student Email for Verification (Offers Sent Here)

The email you provide will help determine your eligibility for the student discount, so be sure to sign up using your school email (typically ending in .edu instead of .com). In our tests, only college deal registrations using a .edu email were let into the program.

As you might have guessed, the email address you provide is also where your student offers will be sent. New college student deals will land in your inbox monthly.

3. Browse College Specials for Laptops & More Online

If you want to browse all available offers on one page, the Best Buy student hub rounds up on the college deals for you. The page lists out the hottest deals, and there’s even a place to browse other specials the store is currently running by categories like video games and wearable tech.

It’s important to note that you’ll need the coupon code sent via email to receive the discount when shopping the college student deals at Best Buy. There is no other way to access those particular specials without the offer being sent to your inbox and you copying the code over during checkout.

4. Stack Up To 10 Current Promo Codes for Added Savings

Best Buy has a generous coupon policy for online purchases. You can stack up to 10 promo codes at, which can bring your total cost down quite a bit. At DealCrunch, we’re focused on sharing the best offers from across the web right here for our readers, and one of the brands we track is Best Buy.

With our proprietary coupon technology, we’re able to find the newest coupons and promo codes to add to our site. Our list of offers updates hourly with the deals that our editors have each personally vetted to ensure accuracy.

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Best Buy Saves You Money with College Student Deals

Don’t wait until your laptop stops holding a charge, won’t turn on, or worse — turns off while you’re in the middle of writing the perfect term paper.

By signing up for Best Buy’s college deals, you’ll get alerts when the hottest electronics get marked down for students. While there isn’t a student discount year-round on any Best Buy purchase you make when flashing your school ID, the electronics store offers some great deals worth taking advantage of.

And remember, if the laptop or headphones you want aren’t among the current student specials, check our Best Buy coupons page to see if a sitewide discount is available for use on your next purchase.

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