Best Buy Appliance Sale — How to Get Bundle Deals & Kitchen Packages

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Does Best Buy offer deals on appliances?

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald

DealCrunch Editor

Jon answered on 4.3.17:

First, there was an odor, then we saw the puddle. My family and I went on vacation for the weekend and came home to a broken refrigerator.

While not much was salvageable from that experience, I did become a better shopper in the days that followed. I spent hours researching the latest fridge options — finish, door configuration, ice in the door, touchscreen panel — and once I figured out what I wanted, it was time to find the best deal.

There are many ways to go about appliance shopping, but I found Best Buy to be a great place to shop and get a good deal. From bundles and packages to single offers and free installation, Best Buy ended up saving us a fortune. Let’s take a look at how to save on your next appliance purchase.

Browse & Compare Appliance Deals Online

When shopping for appliances at, there are a few ways to break up your search. You can browse by type — small or large, laundry or kitchen — or simply by the current appliance deals. The offers include new, manufacturer rebates as well as open-box specials.

You should first figure out what you want and need out of you new appliance, whether it’s a larger freezer capacity or a front-loading dryer. Once you have what you’re looking for narrowed down, you can easily browse and compare the available deals.

Be sure to include any free installation offers in your calculations and be mindful of online promo codes such as those you’ll find on our Best Buy coupons page to slash prices even further.

Best Buy Offers Bundles for Major Appliances

Online, you can easily browse for the latest deals for each appliance category at When navigating the site, you’ll find categories for specific products, like dishwashers, as well as bundles for the entire room. Simply click on the “Kitchen Appliance Packages” or “Laundry Packages” to view the available discounts if you need more than one major appliance.

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Check the Weekly Ad for Current Specials

Another great way to find appliance deals is to try your luck with the current specials listed in the Best Buy weekly ad. As the name implies, the weekly ad is updated every week and the offers are available Sunday through Saturday.

Screenshot of the Best Buy weekly ad

In the weekly ad, you’ll be able to review all of Best Buy’s limited-time offers for your area. It’s important to note that the specials may vary store to store. Once you select your area, your weekly ad will load. From there, you can browse deals throughout the store the way the ad was printed, or you can select specific categories, like appliances, to see deals only for those products.

Sign Up for My Best Buy for Exclusive Offers

The free Best Buy rewards program is another useful resource when searching for appliance offers.

Not only does the program offer you a first look at the latest sales and special deals, but shoppers earn points on every purchase that can then be redeemed for certificates that spend like cash.

Don’t Delay Updating Your Appliances

While I had to act pretty quickly to replace my family’s fridge, I still invested a bit of time in researching the appliance options out there, both the new innovations and the specials for slightly older models or open-box deals. It’s always better if you can spend more time planning out the perfect purchase than to rush and not get the best deal.

Best Buy makes it easy to browse, learn, and compare offers. Plus, by tacking on deals like ours, you’re bound to get the most bang for your buck the next time you need to update your home appliances.