AutoZone Battery Warranty (Get a Free Replacement in 3 Steps)

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What's AutoZone's battery warranty?

Lindsey Carman

Lindsey Carman

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Lindsey answered on 5.16.16:

It feels like the worst situation in the world: You’re about to drive to the store to pick up some groceries when all of a sudden your car doesn’t start when you put the key in the ignition. No one likes having a dead car battery, especially when it’s only a few years old.

Luckily, AutoZone offers a battery warranty that allows you to get a free replacement if you have a Duralast battery. Check out the three steps below to claim your free battery so you can get back on the road in no time.

1. Find Out If You’re Eligible for a Free Replacement

The Duralast Gold and Duralast Battery Limited Warranty covers most defects — including a dead battery — for a certain period of time. If you purchased any of the following batteries, you’ll be covered by this warranty and eligible to receive a replacement:

  • Duralast: Free 2-year replacement
  • Duralast Gold: Free 3-year replacement
  • Duralast Platinum: Free 3-year replacement

Most Duralast car batteries found at AutoZone last between 3 and 5 years, so if your battery fails within a couple years, you’ll be eligible for a free replacement.

AutoZone store location

AutoZone’s battery warranty makes sure you’re back on the road in no time.

Keep in mind that some battery defects aren’t covered under the warranty, such as improper installation, faulty parts, low fluid levels, abuse, and off-road or stationary power unit usage.

Quick Tip: To check your battery’s life, you can bring it to any AutoZone location and ask an employee to test your battery for free!

2. Bring in Your Old Battery to Any AutoZone Location

During the replacement period, just bring your old battery to any AutoZone store location. Once an AutoZone employee verifies that your battery was originally purchased at an AutoZone and that it’s still eligible under the warranty, you’ll receive a new battery.

Note: Even if it isn’t under warranty, the staff at AutoZone will help you find a new battery that’s best for your make and model vehicle.

3. Have an AutoZone Employee Install Your New Battery

If you can get your car to a store location, AutoZone will be happy to install a replacement battery for you. The store offers it as a complimentary service for all customers who get a battery — covered under warranty or purchased anew.

This is a great option if you don’t know how to do it yourself, don’t have the time to do it, or simply don’t want to get your hands dirty. The friendly AutoZone staff is trained on how to install new batteries, so you can feel confident the job is being handled correctly.

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Don’t Let a Dead Battery Keep You From the Open Road

While a dead battery may feel defeating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Photo of a Duralast car battery

If the battery is still under warranty, you can easily get a replacement and installation — for free.

However, if you aren’t eligible for a new replacement or if a replacement is no longer covered by warranty, you can still get a great deal on a new battery.

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For more details on the AutoZone battery warranty, refer to the warranty details here.

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