Amazon Free Shipping Code — 5 Ways to Find the Promo

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How can I get free shipping from Amazon?

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald

DealCrunch Editor

Jon answered on 3.29.18:

It seems like every day I return home from work, there’s an Amazon package at my front door. My family uses Amazon to restock everyday items — including paper towels, dish soap, and deodorant — and the boxes slowly trickle in throughout each month.

And while I can’t imagine life without Amazon, I certainly couldn’t afford to pay for shipping on all of the packages we receive. So, I use a few strategies to make sure I never have to deal with high delivery fees.

Luckily, Amazon gives users some easy ways to avoid that extra cost on their online orders. We’ve put together five ways you can easily get free shipping at Amazon.

1. Get a Free Shipping Coupon Code for Amazon Here

The fastest way to get free shipping — especially if your Amazon cart is already full — is with a promo code you can quickly apply to your order. We pride ourselves on providing the best coupons and deals on the web, so check our offers before you complete your online order.

Apply one of these current free shipping codes:

Free Shipping

Get Free Shipping On $25+ Orders Fulfilled By!

Our offers are updated hourly, so you’ll only find the freshest Amazon deals here. But if you can’t find a free shipping code on DealCrunch, Amazon still has a few tricks to try to keep you from footing the delivery costs.

2. Join Prime for Free 2-Day Shipping on Everything

Amazon Prime is the incredibly popular membership program that costs a little over $10 a month and gives users access to free two-day shipping on over 50 million items. My wife and I are Prime members, and the value of the free two-day shipping — on unlimited orders with no minimums — usually pays for the entire year by March.

Amazon Prime perks

Prime members also have access to many other perks, including Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music — the company’s widely used streaming services — as well as digital books, magazines, and unlimited cloud photo storage.

No other program comes close to offering the same total value of a Prime membership, but perhaps you want free shipping without committing to another monthly bill. In that case, Amazon offers free shipping deals throughout the year.

3. Take Advantage of Seasonal Free Delivery Deals

During certain times of the year, Amazon is likely to offer free shipping as an incentive to fill many of your seasonal needs with one purchase from the site. You can find sales and promotions around New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, along with other sales peppered throughout the year.

But Amazon saves its biggest deals for Black Friday, the week of Cyber Monday, and its very own shopping holiday — Prime Day. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals often include free shipping and deeply discounted prices, but Prime Day is Amazon’s time to shine.

Amazon Prime Day logo

Prime Day is like Black Friday during the summer with massive discounts on popular items across the site. You do have to have a Prime membership to take advantage of the deals — and the free two-day shipping — but the company offers a free 30-day trial to new members.

So, if you don’t want to spring for a membership for the full year, take advantage of the free trial in July and make your money go a lot further by shopping Prime Day deals. But Amazon doesn’t make shoppers wait until certain times of the year or pay a monthly fee to get deals on shipping; the company offers everyday ways to earn the perk as well.

4. Check for Promotional Shipping Offers

Amazon frequently offers free shipping on orders that meet a pre-set minimum, and that minimum can change based on different promotions on the site. We have seen the number go as low as $25, which is an easy threshold for many consumers to reach.

Amazon free shipping on orders $25 or more

Check Amazon’s About Free Shipping page to see the latest free shipping terms and offers. It’s rare that I spend less than $40 on an Amazon order, so, even without Prime, I would be able to get my many of the items I regularly order shipped for free.

The more you use Amazon, the bigger discounts you’re likely to see because the company encourages you to save on purchases by buying more — and even lets you automate the process.

5. Items Ship for Free When You Use “Subscribe & Save”

Besides saving you money on shipping, Amazon can also save you plenty of time through its Subscribe & Save program. No membership dues are required, you simply select the items you need and the frequency you’d like them delivered — and shipping is always free. For instance, you can have toothpaste delivered once a month, or have laundry detergent show up at your door every two weeks.

Amazon Subscribe & Save logo

If you add five items to your subscription list, you save 15% off of your entire order, and Amazon Prime members unlock 20% off on diapers and baby food. You can modify, pause, or even cancel subscriptions at any time and you won’t be charged.

My family uses Subscribe & Save to make sure we never run out of household necessities — especially diapers. Because, as every parent knows, once you realize you’re out of diapers, it’s already too late.

Don’t Pay to Get Amazon Items Delivered to Your Door

I always have enough Amazon boxes at my house to make a pretty big fort for my kids to play in. But if I had paid shipping costs for all of those packages, that might take some of the fun out of it.

You shouldn’t pay for shipping either because Amazon offers so many ways to cut that cost entirely. Start by checking our Amazon page for a free shipping code, then sit back and wait for your doorstep to fill with boxes.

If you don’t have to pay for those the packages to be delivered, it can be a welcome sight when you arrive home.

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