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What is Target’s coupon policy?

Jon answered on 2.15.17:

While I don’t spend hours in Target browsing the new homewares or clothing collections as some of my coworkers readily... read more

Jon McDonald

Is Kohl’s 20% off deal available in stores and online?

Anne answered on 2.10.17:

We’re all in search of a good deal — whether we’re shopping online or in stores. Kohl’s already... read more

Anne Copeland

What do I need to know to get Old Navy’s free shipping deal?

Hayley answered on 1.31.17:

Let’s be real — shipping fees are a bummer. I know I often end up waiting in the checkout line at my favorite stores... read more

Hayley Matthews

How can I get 10% off at Home Depot?

Ryan answered on 1.25.17:

When you find yourself regularly in Home Depot for different projects around your home — new knobs for cabinets... read more

Ryan Frankel

Does Michaels offer coupons to save on framing?

Amber answered on 1.23.17:

As a housewarming gift for my parents, I committed to a massive framing project to help add personality to their new foyer.... read more

Amber Brooks

What kind of mobile deals does Target offer?

Lauren answered on 1.9.17:

I’m a Target-holic — I get my groceries, my gifts, and my clothes all at my neighborhood store. Over the years... read more

Lauren Keys
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