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Latest Shopping Tips


What can I do to get 20% off my Payless purchase?

Jena answered on 3.19.18:

There’s no denying that I have a shoe addiction. With so many cute trends and styles released each season, I... read more

Jena Bezesky

Where can I find the best deal on an SUV lease?

Adam answered on 3.15.18:

New sports utility vehicles, or SUVs for short, are hitting the market faster than ever before. Consumers are ditching sedans... read more

Adam West

How can I get 25% off my purchase at American Eagle?

Hayley answered on 3.12.18:

American Eagle has my back when I’m looking for trendy, casual clothes that look as good in-person as they do in my social... read more

Hayley Matthews

Does Vans offer free shipping on all orders?

Sean answered on 3.9.18:

I’m always at the skate park when I have free time, so I barely have a moment to go shopping. That’s why I... read more

Sean Garrity

How can I save on clothes at Target?

Jena answered on 3.8.18:

Whenever I see a new trend in a magazine, I head straight to Target so I can recreate the look. And my favorite... read more

Jena Bezesky

How can I get the military discount at the Busch Gardens?

PJ answered on 3.7.18:

I’m proud to be a US citizen. And, more importantly, I’m proud of all the people who help protect our... read more

PJ Fuller

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