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YOU Technology’s Platform Allows Retailers to Engage with Millions of Shoppers Through Digital Offers

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: YOU Technology, known as the industry’s largest digital-offers network, launched an all-in-one platform that helps more than 10,000 retailers engage with 24 million shoppers worldwide. Retailers use YOU Tech’s software solutions and insightful analytics to produce the right offers for consumers. With over 3 billion paperless coupons redeemed and $600 million saved through YOU Tech’s load-to-card program, shoppers can get special offers that are easily redeemed with a loyalty card or unique ID. Using YOU Tech’s POS-integrated platform makes it easy for retailers to convert and create loyal shoppers with personalized digital coupons.

No one likes forgetting coupons when they head to the store. Most people have experienced that sinking feeling when they head to the checkout and realize those perfectly clipped coupons are still laying on top of their desk at home. It’s wasted savings. About 36 % of shoppers forget to use paper coupons when they’re at the store, which could cause them to forgo a shopping trip or not spend as much. If shoppers had digital coupons right on their phones, then saving money would become much easier at checkout.

YOU Technology, the industry’s largest digital coupon and offer network, makes offering digital coupons possible. The innovative company, partnered with 80 grocery and convenience store retailers, make the digital couponing experience not only stress-free for consumers but closes the gap between online engagement and in-store purchases. Each POS-integrated platform delivers to customers personalized digital coupons and offers at the right time to customers, directing them to make an extra purchase. While shoppers pick through a plethora of coupons and are satisfied with great deals, retailers can gain shopping behavior insights that help them win over customers. YOU Tech’s ingenious platform gives consumers and retailers what they both want.

Becoming an All-in-One Platform that Wins Over Shoppers

YOU Tech’s headquarters in Brisbane, California, overlook the San Francisco Bay. Today the privately-held company boasts a behind-the-scenes team of 50 who work hard at helping retailers build relationships with customers. If there’s a new solution to increase revenue for retailers, the YOU Tech team finds the way to implement it.

“YOU Tech is an enabler of digital coupons for retail stores,” said Ajay Amlani, the EVP at YOU Technology. “We really focus our company on the retail partners that we enable for digital coupons. Retailers have found this method superior to third-party sites.”

In 2009, digital coupons were just emerging as an effective marketing tactic. The company was the first to create a digital coupon platform that integrates with POS (point-of-sale) systems and delivers paperless offers to customers.  As YOU Tech’s digital offers began reaching millions of households, Ajay and the team amassed analytics and data to help retailers focus their marketing efforts more on point. Seven years later, YOU Technology’s all-in-on platform reported retailers experienced a 42% redemption growth rate on average.

Closing the Gap Between Online Engagement & In-store Purchases

YOU Technology’s data and platform help bridge the gap between customers’ online engagement on their mobile devices and making in-store purchases, boosting conversion rates for retailers. With unique software and technology, retailers can draw customers’ attention to their brand by encouraging them to create a loyalty account and pick out coupons. Once consumers “clip” coupons, they can be redeemed right from their phones at checkout in-store.

Brick-and-mortar stores that use YOU Tech’s platform have a clear advantage over competitors who only use paper coupons. According to YOU Tech’s analytics, digital coupons have a 13% redemption rate versus a 0.4% redemption rate for paper coupons. Retailers can increase sales just by offering digital coupons through the platform.

YOU Tech's homepage

YOU Tech’s digital offers reach over 100 million households.

Let’s say you notice a customer doesn’t purchase chicken from your store and only buys toilet paper. Since he or she already shops at your store, you can offer a personalized deal on chicken to incentivize the purchase. If the customer takes advantage of the deal, then you just made an extra sale by dangling a tempting digital coupon.

The benefits when customers take the offer goes both ways. It eliminates another a shopping trip to a different store, and retailers don’t lose any margin for retailers because it’s a temporary price reduction. As proven with YOU Tech’s platform, retailers can make more sales with digital coupons than with paper coupons that usually are left buried in the junk drawer.

Actionable Data & Insights Help Retailers Make Better Decisions

Before the digital age, retailers didn’t have the technological opportunity or ability to track customers’ buying behavior and incentivize them to come back.  Now with digital coupons in hand, brands can become smarter marketers by using YOU Tech’s platform and services. From building pages and apps to creating and hosting websites, YOU Tech does all the work for retailers to launch digital coupons. The only thing retailers need to provide is their intended growth goals.

A screenshot of YOU Tech's list of services

YOU Tech’s platform provides retailers with optimal services that deliver digital coupons and gather insight.

First, retailers can create and publish digital coupons through YOU Tech’s platform, which can also be personalized for consumers. To stop coupon fraud, shoppers are given a loyalty card or special ID to access offers at checkout. While digital offers are distributed, retailers can measure performance and redemption rates with reporting and real-time management tools. Predictive analytics also give brands insight into what’s working versus what will work in the future for optimal growth.

Having access to these solutions gives retailers the advantage of offering the right coupons at the right time. YOU Tech took the concept of using coupons and amplified its marketing potential to reach out to different types of shoppers. This powerful platform helps some of the biggest grocery and convenience store brands win over consumers — and it can help your brand, too.

Use YOU Technology as Your Secret Weapon for Satisfying Shoppers

Forgetting paper coupons at home shouldn’t stop consumers from shopping at your brand. Implementing YOU Tech’s digital platform services can attract more purchases for retailers of all sizes. The company’s goal is to expand current retailers’ growth and spread its technology to other brands along the way. Not only will the digital couponing experience become better for shoppers, but retailers will also gain more sales through personalized offers that customers can’t refuse.

“We don’t compete with retailers,” Ajay said. “We drive consumers to [retailers’] own websites and apps. Our approach is very unique.”