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WeUseCoupons: A Comprehensive and Supportive Couponing Resource That Teaches Readers How to Save Money

By: Anne Copeland

The Crunch: Money management is an important part of life, but many consumers struggle to maintain financial security. Between rent, bills, and other necessities, making ends meet — much less getting out of debt — can be difficult. WeUseCoupons was created to alleviate some of that anxiety by helping consumers connect, share, and learn about savings through couponing. The team behind the site is dedicated to maintaining an online environment where anyone can find out how to save money, pay down debt, and live a richer life. WeUseCoupons offers an assortment of resources, including a member forum, coupon ideas, and free virtual education, that helps readers maximize every dollar.

Responsible financial management is an essential element of living a successful life, and, despite some sayings to the contrary, money does, indeed, matter. From high mortgage payments and utility bills to expensive grocery store trips and household expenses, money is always part of the equation.

In her 2016 American Household Credit Card Debt Study, personal finance expert Erin El Issa illustrates that debt is as American as apple pie, while CNBC has reported that only 25% of Americans are debt free. That means the majority of people in the US are paying an increasing amount of money each month in interest rates on their debt — from credit cards to student loans.

Kim Brown used WeUseCoupons to get out of debt before becoming the site’s General Administrator.

That was the case for Kim Brown, the General Administrator for WeUseCoupons, whose difficulty with managing finances is a textbook example of the debt spiral many families find themselves in. Increasing expenses collided with a decreasing income, and the resulting financial burden was hard to endure.

Then, Kim found WeUseCoupons and was inspired to incorporate couponing into her budgeting process and daily routine. She and her family saved enough money to not only move away from the brink of bankruptcy but use that savings to pay off their debt.

And Brown’s experience is not a singular success story. WeUseCoupons helps people from all over the United States connect, share, save, and learn about couponing. And the site’s budget-conscious community forum fosters discussions between new and experienced couponers alike.

On a Mission to Show Users How to Make the Most of Deals

WeUseCoupons is specifically designed to help its members save money because, as the site simply states, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” The goal is to create an environment where anyone — from consumers who have no idea where to start to savvy veterans who want to know the latest trends — can learn more about couponing.

To help members accomplish their goals, WeUseCoupons offers an array of couponing resources. Not only does the site provide printable coupons and information about hot, current and upcoming, deals, it also hosts an extensive forum full of information from fellow deal-seekers.

The WeUseCoupons forum is quite active and is constantly updated by users with deals from major retailers.

The site’s forum is very active, with more than 25,000 members discussing couponing best practices to help users and their families save money.

Posts include tips for securing discounts at drug stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and online retailers, along with recommendations for money-saving alternatives like choosing Hulu over cable. Additional resources include coupon previews, giveaways, and even virtual couponing classes.

WeUseCoupons is continually improving its methods for educating and helping its readers. The WeUseCoupons product manager has reached out to current members for feedback through blog posts.

To better tailor its services, WeUseCoupons has offered members $25 to share their opinions and suggestions in a Skype interview. WeUseCoupons uses that feedback to help members find more ways to save so that spending can be redirected to more important expenses.

User-Friendly Platform & Relatable Content Built for Its Audience

One of the most inviting aspects of WeUseCoupons is its simple, user-friendly design. Unlike sites that dress up products and information, WeUseCoupons prefers a more streamlined approach.

Navigation is quick, as all the key site elements are displayed clearly and are accessible from every page. This functionality is particularly appealing to older users who may lack internet experience but who would benefit from money-saving suggestions that are easily accessible.

Users can easily find the information and deals they need thanks to the uncluttered WeUseCoupons homepage.

WeUseCoupons prides itself on being an approachable resource for couponers of every age. This simplicity is somewhat rare in the advertising world, where most online marketing efforts are aimed at younger generations. Many sites tend to target the 25-to-54 age range, a strategy that neglects 58 percent of the country’s population, according to a Nielsen report.

By making the site easy to navigate, WeUseCoupons can impact everyone who needs it.

Preparing Members for Couponing Success with Free Virtual Classes

As WeUseCoupons explains, couponing can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. There is a steep learning curve and becoming familiar with the process, rules, and tricks takes time. The site offers a free Virtual Coupon Class system to ensure the success of all its members, and the courses can be completed at the user’s own pace. The class is designed to show beginners how to start saving — and can lead to cutting grocery bills by hundreds of dollars each week.

The Virtual Coupon Class system has been developed through years of shopping experience and provides step-by-step instruction for students. Lessons walk them through the many nuances of couponing and include detailed instruction about the process, helpful tips, useful articles, and advice from experts.

WeUseCoupons’ virtual classes cover everything from getting started to advanced subjects like Christmas in July.

The course is made up of 56 lessons in three tiered learning opportunities: Beginner Classes, Intermediate Classes, and Advanced Classes. WeUseCoupons has amassed an in-depth collection of training materials, including articles and videos that range in topics from “Why Coupon?” to “Dumpster Diving 101.”

A Unique Approach That’s Perfect for Savvy Shoppers

With the majority of Americans in debt and not many clear paths to get out, getting stuck in a spiral of spending can be easy. But for those, like Kim, who are willing to learn, WeUseCoupons is a comprehensive resource that offers everything from classes to deals to help end the cycle of overspending and get out of debt.

WeUseCoupons differentiates itself by providing both an active forum and a database of online coupon classes — for any experience level. The site also has a team of regular forum moderators who inspire members, answer questions, and assist with the couponing process whether they are struggling to manage their finances or simply looking for a way to retain more of their income each month.

The site’s mission is to help new and avid couponers learn how to practice smart budgeting tactics and use coupons to save on weekly expenses with the ultimate goal of getting out — and staying out — of debt.

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Anne Copeland brings 22 years of experience in retail and banking to DealCrunch.com, with specialization in bulk purchases and number-crunching data sets. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and spends much of her free time studying discount trends in online retail.

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