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WEBSTA Empowers Businesses to Improve Instagram Marketing Campaigns with Robust Account & Post Analytics

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Increasingly, businesses are turning to social media as a major marketing tool, and Instagram has become one of the most effective platforms — for those who know how to use it. WEBSTA, a free web-based Instagram analytics service, helps businesses maximize the potential of their Instagram accounts by providing detailed feedback on content performance and follower engagement. By compiling likes, comments, hashtags, and day/hour usage trends for account posts, WEBSTA creates easy-to-read graphs that empower businesses to make fast, data-driven decisions about their content strategies. With widgets that can drive leads directly to websites, WEBSTA enables companies to harness the power of Instagram to engage and convert more customers and build stronger brand loyalty.

The best marketing strategies have targeted messages to reach the maximum number of potential leads. Regarding business-to-consumer campaigns, this means going where consumers spend the most time — and, today, that is social media. More than ever, a strong social media presence has become a vital part of effective marketing for every business and organization that wants to grow.

Marketing surveys show that 85-95% of adults ages 18 to 54 use social media to follow the brands they love — and one of the most popular platforms is Instagram. With 500 million active users posting and commenting on pictures, following pages, and utilizing hashtags, Instagram can be a valuable marketing tool for every business.

Using an Instagram account is an important step to effective marketing, but it is only as helpful as its content. Businesses need to master post frequency, what to post, and how to build a consistent brand image, just as with any other marketing campaign. That’s where WEBSTA comes in.

WEBSTA offers free, robust Instagram analytics to help businesses quantify the reach of their marketing campaigns.

Launched as a web viewer for Instagram in 2011, WEBSTA re-branded into a user analytics website in 2016. With performance tools that analyze Instagram activity and compile data to help business owners track user engagement, customize their feeds, and more efficiently manage their accounts, WEBSTA makes it easier to maximize social media presence and build a brand on the platform so that followers become customers.

Statistics on Content Popularity Show Areas of Opportunity

Consumers’ habits and preferences on social media continue to change. For instance, one recent study shows that Instagram content featuring products now outperforms lifestyle content in terms of audience engagement.

Being able to quickly assess what content followers are engaging with can provide insights into what activates an Instagram audience, which helps businesses seize on opportunities. WEBSTA’s analytics features make this task easier.

Visualizing Instagram stats, such as average likes per post, shows how marketing strategies are being received.

WEBSTA uses follower activity to formulate an account’s engagement rates and the overall performance of its content. On the overview page, account holders have access to a recap of their 20 most recent posts in terms of the number of likes, comments, and hashtags.

This visualized performance data makes it easy to see what’s working most effectively on Instagram and continue to optimize it for a greater response and marketing ROI.

Optimize Post Timing and Hashtags to Maximize Engagement

Engaging content is important, but timing is everything for marketing — and this is particularly the case on Instagram. Posting a photo at midnight on a Monday may be far less effective than something posted at noon on a Friday. Businesses need to know when their posts will be seen and shared by the most people so they can take advantage of Instagram’s viral effect.

WEBSTA helps businesses optimize the timing of their posts with its density and best time to post tools. Using formulas to calculate which days and hours your posts were most effective in gaining likes, comments, and overall engagement, and the results are presented in easy-to-read graphs. These metrics help businesses schedule their posts for prime traffic times and dates and make the most of their followers’ daily Instagram habits.

WEBSTA analyzes all of an Instagram account’s posts and pinpoints optimal post times for maximum engagement.

Hashtags, now used on nearly all social media platforms, are another important detail that can help businesses attract followers and track the popularity of their posts. Optimized hashtags are equally as important as optimized post timing: Simply Measured, a social media analytics platform, found that posts with at least one hashtag have an average of 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags.

Instagram users are also more likely to show a preference for certain hashtags. WEBSTA’s analytics overview page shows which hashtags are producing the most buzz in a company’s recent posts as well as over the lifetime of the account. By clicking on a hashtag they’ve used, account holders can see the number and content of the posts made by followers who shared that hashtag.

With the right content, the right timing, and the right hashtags, and WEBSTA analytics, businesses of all sizes are quickly turning their Instagram accounts into mass-marketing tools.

Track Account Growth, Production, and Reach for ROI

While some analytics are useful only for the short term, WEBSTA shows businesses statistics over the lifetime of an account. WEBSTA metrics, termed “like growth history” and “comment growth history,” show diagrams for the number of likes or comments on each post over time, as well as the average number of likes and comments on an account, overall.

The WEBSTA dashboard gives businesses a comprehensive picture of an Instagram account’s history.

By compiling historical analytics, WEBSTA makes it easy to spot trends. This review feature means marketing departments can address campaigns that are ineffective or even decreasing customer engagement to minimize wasted time and resources.

Using WEBSTA analytics can also help businesses come up with new strategies to capitalize on the timing and content of the Instagram posts that are influencing the purchasing and sharing habits of their followers, creating a more robust picture of potential customers.

WEBSTA Helps Companies Enact Data-Driven Instagram Campaigns

The business world has recognized the importance of social media as a marketing tool. A report by eMarketer showed the number of brands using Instagram rose to 48.8% in 2016, and is expected to increase to 70.7% in 2017.

With more businesses moving into the social media sphere, there’s more pressure to not only attract followers but also lead them from an Instagram feed to a business website or blog where they can purchase products. A business can even integrate an Instagram account into its website through a customizable WEBSTA widget, profiling its social media presence directly on its homepage.

As Instagram continues to grow in popularity and effectiveness as an engagement tool, businesses that know how to use it to draw followers and engage potential customers will be the ones with the greatest brand growth.

WEBSTA’s free analytics tools provide businesses with vital data about engagement with their brand and products. With more insight into what generates the most likes and comments and what drives a viral hashtag, businesses can improve their marketing picture, one photo at a time.

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