Vimeo Business™ Streamlines Video Marketing and Empowers Brands to Tell Their Stories
Posted: 9.28.16 Marketing

Vimeo Business™ Streamlines Video Marketing and Empowers Brands to Tell Their Stories

By: Lauren Keys

The Crunch: Vimeo Business provides video hosting, production, marketing, and analytical tools that businesses can use to successfully launch, run, and manage video marketing campaigns. With Vimeo’s turnkey platform, businesses are granted access to some of the world’s best filmmakers and creative minds to assist in the production of their video marketing pieces. Couple that with Vimeo’s integrated analytic features, lead generation tools, and its global ecosystem of over 280M monthly creators and viewers, it’s no wonder that companies are turning to Vimeo to help tell their brands’ stories.

Many will remember when Bill Gates made famous the phrase “Content is King” in a 1996 essay. If you ask anyone in today’s digital marketing world if he was right, you’ll most likely receive a resounding “yes.”

A Syndacast marketing report found that 52% of marketing professionals rate video as the type of content with the best ROI and forecast that 70% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2017. Go Up’s 2016 study showed that 92% of mobile video viewers share video, and 80% of Internet users recall online videos up to a month after watching. These stats tell us that content has a better chance of becoming king when it includes video.

Headshot of Anjali Sud

Anjali Sud, Vimeo’s General Manager, Creator Platform, helps businesses tell their stories and market their brands.

Creating compelling, professional video can be extremely difficult, especially since most businesses don’t have teams of directors and videographers on payroll. Vimeo recognizes this discrepancy and grants Vimeo Business members access to a network of filmmakers who can work as an extension of your staff to make your marketing message come to life on screen.

“Our newest membership plan, Vimeo Business, was designed to help businesses of all kinds with their video marketing workflows from start to finish,” said Anjali Sud, General Manager, Creator Platform, Vimeo. “We offer tools that help you with everything from making videos to hosting them, marketing, distributing, generating leads, and analyzing the results and performance of your campaign.”

With its global ecosystem of over 280M monthly creators and viewers, access to experienced filmmakers, lead generation tools, and integration with cloud storage, marketing, and analytics, businesses are increasingly turning to Vimeo over industry giants like YouTube that don’t offer such comprehensive services.

Use Vimeo’s Experienced Community to Find Professional Creators for Your Next Video

Businesses sometimes take the initiative, pick up a camera, and try their hand at video production only to quickly learn that creating compelling video content with professional appeal isn’t as easy as they thought. Vimeo solves this problem by plugging their subscribers into a vast network of professional videographers and filmmakers to get the job done right.

“This is a major differentiator between what other video platforms provide,” Anjali said. “For any business thinking about video marketing, they first need to get a video made. We’re really excited to be able to offer Vimeo Business members direct access to creators from our community so they can make the very best videos that represent their brand.”

Compared to other enterprise-level video platforms, Vimeo’s $599 per year is a very accessible price point, especially when you consider the range of service and expertise available to members.

Photo of a video camera

Vimeo Business plugs subscribers into a vast network of professional videographers and filmmakers.

The Vimeo Blog adds another level of community support to the experience by connecting members to articles and videos created by Vimeo’s skilled professionals. Vimeo Business members can also expand their video production knowledge with Vimeo’s Video School, which provides tutorials and advice from experts in the videography field.

Once signed up as a Vimeo Business member, companies are prompted to fill out an online form where they can note their budget, the types of films they’d like to produce, and what their overall needs are. From there, Vimeo matches them with the best filmmakers and resources to fit their needs, and businesses are then ready to begin production and start marketing their brands.

Market Your Video Better with Unique Branding and Deep Engagement Insights

The tools available with Vimeo Business allow members to easily run effective marketing campaigns and analyze their success. Along with the ability to securely collaborate with your team on Vimeo’s platform during production, members enjoy up to 5TB of storage, a 4K Ultra HD customizable player, and access to a host of integrations.

Customize Vimeo with Your Brand’s Messaging

From a branding standpoint, if you’ve seen one YouTube video, you’ve seen them all. The player remains static and unchanged from video to video. This is not the case with Vimeo Business. Companies can tailor the player to match their branding by adding their colors, logos, and text to their videos.

“We’re seeing a lot of brands want to customize and fully control the entire experience, so we’re offering customizable tools,” Anjali said. “There are email capture forms embedded in the player. You can customize the copy in the player to say whatever you want that fits your brand, and automatically import captured email addresses into email marketing software providers.”

Many businesses are using video for inbound marketing and are creating content that they’re putting on various platforms around the web. Vimeo’s customizable player is perfect for this, as members can embed their videos almost anywhere.

Vimeo’s platform gives members the ability to add clickable calls to action (CTAs) to tell viewers where to go next. Unlike other players, the CTAs are unintrusive and don’t get in the way of the video content you’re presenting, which viewers appreciate greatly. And the player’s excellent email capture capabilities allow businesses to generate leads they can use to create targeted email campaigns.

Because the videos carry your branding, they bring the message to consumers that your brand is credible and professional and that your products and services are, too.

Seamless Integration with Insights and Analytics

The marketing campaign is launched. Your videos are all over the web. Now what? How do you measure success? Again, Vimeo has you covered.

It’s important to see the quality of the views and completion rates a video is getting so that you can understand how engaging your content is for your audience. With advanced analytics, Vimeo’s engagement graphs allow members to see when viewers are dropping off. This feedback will give you the information you need when it comes time to produce your next video.

Photo of computer with Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics provides insight into how your video performs in the context of your broader web data.

“What we’re seeing is that a lot of users will collect information about when customers are dropping off,” Anjali said. “For example, we’ll see that if you’re not engaging viewers in the first 10 to 15 seconds of a video, it’s hard to get them to complete the video.  So, the next time a brand creates a piece of video content, they can work with the filmmaker to make sure that their content is immediately engaging.”

Vimeo Business’ integration with Google Analytics gives members the ability to measure results in the context of their broader web data, which makes a video marketer’s job much easier. Vimeo also has integrations with email marketing companies, like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact, and cloud storage providers such as DropBox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive.

“These integrations represent our efforts to create an ecosystem that makes it very easy for you to connect,” Anjali said, “and it was feedback from the community that resulted in the rollout of these features, so we anticipate more in the future.”

Lessons Learned from Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Most successful businesses now agree that content is king and are taking advantage of the steadily increasing video web traffic to produce memorable video marketing. The Vimeo Business Tips Blog showcases how different brands use their video marketing campaigns to attract a wider audience.

Mountain Hardwear is featured on the blog as an example of a successful video marketing campaign. The company used Vimeo’s customizable player to launch branded videos that cover specific product demonstrations, seasonal offerings, and calls for viewers to upload their own footage to the company’s social media channels. The result was increased customer engagement and reach — the goal of most marketing strategies.

Screenshot of the Vimeo Blog

Vimeo’s “Business Tips” offers many examples of companies that have launched successful video marketing campaigns.

Birch Coffee is another company that has benefited from Vimeo’s platform. Birch’s owners saw what a quality product Vimeo had to offer and jumped right in. In a video interview on Vimeo’s blog, the owners mention that not only has Vimeo helped improve their bottom line, but they have also worked wonders to further Birch’s brand recognition. When viewers are in their city, they know who Birch is because of Vimeo.

A global ecosystem of over 280M monthly creators and viewers and unmatched marketing and analytical tools make Vimeo Business a useful platform to help expand your customer base.