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ViewSonic: Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Digital Commercial Displays

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Because of its intuitive software, innovative product lines, and the stunning visuals it produces for retailers, ViewSonic has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Digital Commercial Displays. From a digital menu board to an entire wall of crisp, sharp displays featuring its new CDM line, ViewSonic remains a leader in the industry and has earned the trust of retailers both large and small. It also has interactive options that can bring a retailer’s message off the wall and into a high-traffic area for increased engagement. And because of its commitment to customer service, retailers can feel confident working with ViewSonic.

We expect to see something stunning and beautiful at certain locations, like a mountaintop or a museum, but there are other places where beauty is unexpected, like on a shopping trip. Sometimes, a crisp, clear, larger-than-life digital advertisement makes us take notice.

It may exist to attract a new customer into the store, to inform shoppers about new products, or to provide a beautiful backdrop to the consumer experience. And while we may marvel at the clarity and vivid colors, we don’t take the time to think about what makes it work; we just enjoy it.

Luckily, ViewSonic puts in the time to innovate and deliver these digital signage solutions for a variety of purposes — not simply advertisements — and that is why the company has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Digital Commercial Displays.

Director of Product Marketing Gene Ornstead spoke with us about ViewSonic’s digital commercial displays.

ViewSonic has been a leader in the display industry for 29 years, producing everything from computer monitors to powerful projectors. While businesses flock to many of their other products for everyday office and classroom solutions, retailers are particularly excited about the incredible signage display options that ViewSonic continues to roll out.

“We make it easy for our customers to implement and manage digital signage and content on our bright, crisp displays in full resolution,” Gene Ornstead, the Director of Product Marketing at Viewsonic, told us. “You want it to stop you. You want your shoppers to be pleased and involved.”

With software and hardware options to implement anything from a simple coffee shop menu to responsive, wifi-enabled digital walls, ViewSonic has proven to be the leader in commercial digital displays.

Innovative Product Lines Offer Signage Options For All Businesses

The ViewSonic experience begins with its software, which lets a retailer easily curate all of its content. The flexibility gives retailers complete control of the display, even remotely on some products. Changing signage with the click of a button is revolutionary, but ViewSonic provides retailers with more ways to reach consumers.

“It is not just about cost-effective delivery of digital content to different places in your store, restaurant, grocery store, or food chain,” Gene said. “It is also about the immersive experience of interactivity which brings the customer closer to understanding what they’re looking for.”

ViewSonic’s hardware products are the face of its commercial display solutions, and they help retailers engage customers in many different ways. Whether a retailer wants a video wall, e-posters, or an interactive digital kiosk in their retail location, ViewSonic delivers.

Revolutionary CDM Series of Displays Bring Signage into a Connected Future

Any of ViewSonic’s large display products can be paired with a media player to control what appears on the screen easily, but its revolutionary CDM line brings that functionality right into the device. A big problem that ViewSonic solves with CDM is the presence — and cost — of unsightly cables running to the beautiful displays.

The CDM models have an internal media player built into the hardware and wired or wireless functionality out of the box. This means less hassle for a business owner and less cabling for the installer. The single unit display also has plenty of content storage and supports micro-SD and USB devices. The CDM screens are designed to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week without loss of visual quality, and they can be a standalone solution or used as part of a digital wall. The products also include a scheduler to automatically turn the display off when a retailer is closed.

ViewSonic’s large format displays are built to be stunning, and some have ultra-thin bezels perfect for video walls.

“The video wall is gaining popularity with big retailers,” Gene told us. “They can even be put together in artistic designs, a real eye-catching new trend for retailers. We have solutions from the most simple digital signage install all the way up to complex video wall solutions that are the latest in impactful design.”

As a plug-and-play solution, the CDM series is revolutionary, giving retailers the ultimate control over messaging with its content management software. But the CDM displays are only one piece of ViewSonic’s broad commercial display puzzle. The CDE line provides smaller retailers with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise quality. And with interactive and e-poster solutions, messages are brought down off the walls to engage with consumers.

Interactive Digital Kiosk & E-Poster Products Provide Peak Engagement

As immersion and interactivity continue to be introduced into the consumer experience, displays are at the forefront of retailers’ minds. With its interactive digital kiosk e-poster, Viewsonic brings that experience to the floor of a department store, or the middle of a mall.

“Retailers are trying to make the store experience immersive and impactful, “Gene told us. “Whether it is in fashion or food, they want to take the customer on a journey.”

From the standalone interactive kiosk e-poster, left, to a smaller version, ViewSonic has plenty of interactive signage.

The kiosk is freestanding and durable, designed to be placed in a high-traffic area and garner plenty of attention. Whether it is used as a mall directory, store directory, or custom-order station, the 10-point touch display is fast and responsive, allowing a shopper to navigate the information with ease. It contains a fast processor, plenty of memory for content, and the same internal scheduler as its large format display cousins.

The other e-posters that ViewSonic offers have the same stunning display capabilities without the touch screen. Some retailers desire a messaging option that is more portable and provides a presence among shoppers. This is where the other e-poster products shine.

Beyond the interactive digital kiosk, ViewSonic offers a smaller, tablet-sized kiosk that is made to be deployed into smaller spaces. This touchscreen sits in a stand and has a design that consumers are familiar with. It can run much of the same responsive software as the digital kiosk but also has an electricity-saving advancement called “power over Ethernet.” This means the tablet can draw power from an Ethernet connection without an electrical outlet needing to be installed on a retailer’s floor, making this option extremely portable.

ViewSonic also offers backup if something goes wrong in the form of responsive customer service.

A Culture of Customer Service Makes ViewSonic a Reliable Partner

Working intimately with companies of all sizes is something ViewSonic takes pride in. This is why Gene refers to it as a “big, small company.”

“It is important for us to take every customer opportunity seriously, no matter what size company it is,” Gene said. “We bring a portfolio of products to our customers that meet their budget. We are more responsive to their needs and are willing to do things to help nurture businesses.”

Customer focus is more than a strategy at ViewSonic; it is one of the company’s core values.

But customer service is not a strategy for ViewSonic; it is one of the basic tenets of its culture. That commitment is evident in ViewSonic’s warranty policy that is above and beyond the norm in the industry. If a retailer purchases a display over 42 inches, it receives a three-year onsite warranty, meaning ViewSonic will send someone to the location to fix a problem.

“Our warranty policies are a bit unique in the industry,” Gene told us. “If something does happen, a retailer doesn’t want to be responsible for taking apart the network and shipping a display to a repair depot. For three years, our customers don’t have to worry, and they are very happy about that.”

Making Signage Simple with Award-Winning Hardware and Software

Unexpected beauty may be found anywhere, but only if our attention is drawn to it. ViewSonic has created a line of products that draw that attention with bright, crisp, clear visuals that catch the eye. These visuals run throughout the company’s vast line of products.

The company has already been lauded for the quality of its computer monitors and video projectors. Now, its industry-best digital commercial displays are being recognized, which is what ViewSonic strives for, according to Gene.

“Our culture is different,” Gene said. “We have always tried to innovate technologies that make it easier for our customers and make us leaders in the industry.”

That innovation and focus on customers is why ViewSonic has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Digital Commercial Displays.

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