How Vidyo’s Cloud-Based Video Collaboration Solutions Help Retailers Personalize Customer Interactions In-Store and Online
12.18.17 Business Solutions

How Vidyo’s Cloud-Based Video Collaboration Solutions Help Retailers Personalize Customer Interactions In-Store and Online

By: Michael Senecal

The Crunch: Retailers understand that nothing can replace face-to-face communication, but striking a balance between personal touch and technology can be difficult in the age of AI and automation. Retailers can leverage the VidyoCloud™ platform to extend the power of personalization across channels. The company’s VidyoEngage™ product customizes in-store and online interactions while VidyoConnect™ optimizes internal communications — including team interactions and training. Both products are cloud-based, easy to deploy, and backed by Vidyo’s robust support team. As personalization becomes more important to consumers, Vidyo helps retailers bring high-quality, scalable video interactivity to their stores.

With so much retail shopping activity moving online, it’s only natural to question the fate of in-person communication. Is it irreplaceable? Or are there ways to leverage the real-time web to enhance the omnichannel shopping experience while also helping retailers communicate more efficiently?

Those questions highlight the core challenges in today’s retail marketplace — and Vidyo offers an engaging answer.

Vidyo’s secure, scalable video solutions help retailers deliver face-to-face interactions between customers and associates at the right times, regardless of location or device. And that personal touch helps drive conversions, increase cross-selling opportunities, and enhance overall brand loyalty.

Photo of Cara Daly, Vidyo Director of Product Marketing

Cara Daly, Vidyo Director of Product Marketing, told us that consumers still expect personal interactions from retailers — both in-store and online.

Over the web, on mobile, and even at in-store kiosks, the Vidyo platform offers a consistent communication experience that feels authentic, an important aspect of branding for retailers today.

Cara Daly is Director of Product Marketing at Vidyo, and she told us about a Vidyo-enabled customer-service kiosk solution that select locations at a retail chain deployed during Black Friday weekend in 2016.

“It’s the busiest sales weekend of the year, and there’s the chance that customers could get frustrated by not being able to talk to a sales associate who could answer their question,” she said. “The kiosks let them video chat with associates at a centralized location, reducing wait times and extending the effectiveness of the staff at a critical time.”

Vidyo deploys its platform globally to deliver geographical proximity as well as redundancy. Patented routing technology scales the data stream to precisely target the best experience for the customer according to location, internet traffic, and device. On mobile and wireless, the stream stays small, but on big screens, the technology delivers snappy results at extremely high resolutions. Enterprise-grade, standards-based security completes the package.

“If you’re standing around in a store waiting for 25 minutes to talk to an associate, you’re already in kind of a bad mood even if the associate ends up being the most knowledgeable, friendliest person in the world,” Cara said. “Think about the impact of that in terms of customer satisfaction.”

VidyoEngage: Improves CX Before, During, and After a Sale

The company’s customer-engagement product, VidyoEngage, meets customers where they are and helps build connections throughout the journey to conversion and beyond.

“We find that customer interactions in retail fall into two broad categories,” Cara said. “Sometimes, people just need to get something done. Whether it’s answering a quick question before a transaction can happen, or troubleshooting or addressing a customer-service issue or even responding to a survey after a sale, having that video engagement to expedite the exchange can go a long way toward ensuring a positive experience.”

The other category of engagement involves more profound exchanges, which Cara refers to as moments of trust.

Photo of sales agent interacting with customer over Vidyo

“Perhaps the associate is talking to the customer about a really significant purchase — something that might require negotiating several decision points along the way,” she said. “That’s a more consultative type of communication where the associate’s job is to help the customer make an informed purchase.”

Those exchanges can be purely informational, with associates answering questions and building the kind of personal connection that a customer could never get by reading an FAQ.

Another benefit of deploying the VidyoEngage solution is “load balancing”: leveraging skills-based routing to put customers in front of the right specialists at the right time. That not only minimizes in-store wait times but also allows organizations to pool their resources so customers can access specialized services no matter where they’re located.

“A lot of the latest literature on the customer experience says that time is the new currency,” Cara said. “That’s why skills-based routing is so important.”

VidyoConnect: Tools for Improving Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

The same platform that allows retailers to connect with customers also enables them to improve communication within their organizations and with partners and stakeholders.

VidyoConnect facilitates organizational communication and fosters the interpersonal relationships necessary to encourage creativity and problem-solving across physical boundaries.

“VidyoConnect is for collaboration within the enterprise,” Cara said. “Use cases that impact retail include training, top-down alignment, encouraging a productive corporate culture, and helping people feel that they’re part of an interconnected workforce.”

The product’s mobile-device compatibility makes it ideal for organizations that support executive travel, field sales, and remote work. It integrates with corporate calendars, makes creating virtual meeting rooms easy, and supports granular app and file-sharing, so on-screen presentations aren’t interrupted by irrelevant notifications.

The technology also extends beyond the company out to partners, vendors, and other stakeholders.

“For retail, that’s important because of the challenge of managing supply chain relationships,” Cara said.

Easy-to-Deploy Solutions Backed by Personal Consultation

There’s something about face-to-face experiences that engender trust. When people can see each other, they feel obligated to elevate their connection.

“At its core, sales is about personal relationships. The challenge for omnichannel retailers is to extend those relationships online. What we do is offer a bridge to keep those relationships safe as the technological world changes around us,” Cara said.

“We offer our products on an annual subscription basis with a few carefully considered options. There’s no one-time software or hardware purchase and nothing to implement in the company’s own data center; it’s all rock-solid, cloud-delivered, and subscription-based.” — Cara Daly, Director of Product Marketing at Vidyo

With so much at stake, one might assume that building the bridge would be difficult. But deploying Vidyo’s solutions is a simple process.

“We offer our products on an annual subscription basis with a few carefully considered options,” Cara said. “There’s no one-time software or hardware purchase and nothing to implement in the company’s own data center; it’s all rock-solid, cloud-delivered, and subscription-based.”

Vidyo works within brand guidelines to create a consistent look and feel, and can incorporate ads and informational videos. It also integrates with large contact-center platforms Genesys and NICE InContact.

In addition to VidyoConnect and VidyoEngage, Vidyo’s communications platform-as-a-service,, allows retailers to embed video in any existing app or workflow. “Organizations struggle to create a homegrown solution, and video is kind of an afterthought that’s bolted on. We provide a customizable solution for them,” Cara said.

Innovation is often seen as the key to sustained success in omnichannel retail. With Vidyo, innovation means keeping things simple and preserving what made retail successful in the first place — a friendly face.