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Verisign — Domain Name Optimization and Security to Help Entrepreneurs Build an Online Presence

By: Levi Horowitz

The Crunch: For most businesses, establishing a strong online presence starts with choosing a unique, memorable domain name with a familiar extension — such as .com or .net. Although good domain names can highlight a company’s brand and draw the right customer traffic, domains are only as strong as the infrastructure that enables them to stay up and to run efficiently and securely. Verisign maintains the .com and .net infrastructure that supports more than half the internet’s businesses. The company also provides security services to protect millions of websites from unnecessary downtime and dangerous cyber threats. Verisign provides entrepreneurs with the resources to help them select effective domain names, connect with partnering registrars, and choose the security services that protect their interests to thrive in the e-commerce marketplace.

For businesses, getting established in the online marketplace isn’t limited to designing a user-friendly website — it also means purchasing a unique domain name through a licensed registrar. A good domain name can capture a brand and its focus, stick easily in a consumer’s mind, and become a vital part of a company’s culture — so it is important to choose wisely.

Top-level domains (TLDs) like .com and .net inspire trust and promise the best online traffic. As one of the first TLDs established in the early days of the Internet, .com remains the domain of choice for commercial businesses.

But behind every .com, .net, .edu, .gov, and .tv website — among many others — is Verisign working to stabilize the infrastructure of the largest top-level domains, maintain the vast directory of domain identities, and provide authentication and security for those who do business on the web.

Verisign’s infrastructure makes sure that Top-Level Domains remain functional at all times.

For two decades, Verisign has been the premier registry for the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure in the US and around the globe, enabling more than 142 million domain names to operate efficiently and process more than 143 billion secure transactions daily.

In addition to .com and .net addresses, Verisign’s infrastructure powers .edu, .jobs, .tv, .name, .cc, and .gov domains. And with Verisign’s domain name selection assistance, a catalog of trusted registrars, and security packages that meet every need, businesses can establish a strong online presence to grow their customer base and brand.

Helping Businesses Find the Right Domain Name Through its Vast Network of Partners

Registering a domain name for a business starts with choosing a registrar partner. Registrars are companies licensed with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell domain names to individuals and business entities. As a domain registry, on the other hand, Verisign provides the infrastructure that enables .com, .net, .tv, and .cc addresses to operate properly on the web.

Verisign helps entrepreneurs find the perfect domain name and then pairs them with a registrar to purchase it.

Although it doesn’t issue domain names, Verisign works very closely with a network of companies that do. Verisign offers a variety of domain tools that help businesses select a web address and connect with a registrar for purchase. Verisign also helps businesses learn more about the significance of domain names and the differences among key top-level domains such as .com and .net.

Verisign’s domain name search tool allows businesses to find an available domain name that best represents their company. And once a company has decided on a site URL, it can easily register it officially with one of Verisign’s qualified partners.

Providing Best Practices on Expanding Reach and Website Security

Businesses new to e-commerce need to know where to start, how to reach their audience, and which website security features will best meet their current and future needs. In addition to managing the domains they operate on, Verisign provides guidance on building a strong online presence and what it takes to succeed, grow, and protect assets in the .com space.

To help entrepreneurs learn the basics, Verisign has a step-by-step guide detailing the process of getting online. Once online, businesses can learn how to take their operation to the next level with the right tools, whether they’re a large corporation or a local operation. Verisign also covers marketing tips and strategies that are most effective in the online marketplace, including how how to maximize social media presence or use video clips to draw attention and boost sales.

Verisign has guides to help clients secure a domain name, plan a business strategy, and succeed in e-commerce.

With increasingly advanced cyber-threats surfacing each year, Verisign also encourages businesses to think about security. Its Resource Center contains detailed explanations about how internet security services, like free public DNS and each of Verisign’s paid products work. Businesses also have access to white papers, webinars on security-related topics, and Verisign’s security blog to stay up-to-date on recent developments.

Cloud-Based DNS and DDoS Services Ensure Sites Stay Online

Online businesses should invest in security services from a company they trust to keep their websites fully operational, secure their brands, and protect their customers’ private information while they shop.

Verisign’s presence in the DNS sphere since 1995 anchors its reputation for not only industry knowledge and reliability, but also security. President D. James Bidzos himself is a pioneer in the security industry, credited with making RSA security — one of the first usable encryption systems — into the industry standard.

Verisign offers businesses three DNS security service options and specialized tools to prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can take out an entire site by flooding it with useless traffic, leading to an overload. All of these services are hosted in the cloud for greater, enterprise-scale accessibility and cost-efficiency. At the basic level, free Public DNS security ensures business websites are fully navigational and safeguards personal information by refusing to share it with third parties.

For greater peace of mind, companies can enroll in Verisign’s DNS security services, which include DNS Firewall, Managed DNS, and Recursive DNS. Based on the same technology that has maintained 100% reliability for Verisign’s .com and .net infrastructure for decades, these systems protect businesses from various cyber threats while optimizing their online presence.

DDoS attacks pose a growing challenge to online businesses because their scale and frequency are increasing around the globe. Verisign’s specialized DDoS protection service is capable of shielding businesses from even the most vicious and long-lasting attacks.

Although prevention is the best way to minimize lost traffic and sales from this kind of a threat, businesses that find themselves victims of a DDoS can contact a dedicated phone number for immediate assistance from a Verisign DDoS expert.

With Verisign’s comprehensive security solutions, businesses can entrust their online assets to a company that has a reputation for keeping domains up and running and actively protects them from malicious cyber threats.

Maintaining and Protecting the Internet for More Than Two Decades

A domain name with a .com or .net address can help a business position itself for e-commerce success, and not just because of the website’s design or functionality. With Verisign’s behind-the-scenes support, businesses can take for granted services like secure navigation, stable URLs, and reliable infrastructure.

Over the last 20 years, Verisign has solidified its reputation as the primary stabilizer and guardian of the internet’s DNS. Responsible for the seamless operation of more than half of the top-level internet activity that occurs daily, Verisign enables millions of domain names — representing just as many businesses — to process billions of transactions every day.

With resources that help entrepreneurs establish a strong online presence, grow their revenue, and protect themselves with security technology, Verisign also plays an active role in helping businesses navigate the world of online commerce and expand their reach one successful page load at a time.

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Levi Horowitz is an analytics professional who studies consumer behavior and audience retention in retail and other industries. In addition to this research, Levi works with a wide variety of retailers on optimizing their online placements to reach deal-minded consumers.

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