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Committed to Transparency, TopCashback Passes Members 100% of the Advertising Commission Earned From Partnered Retailers

By: Amber Brooks

The Crunch: Because TopCashback gives members 100% of the advertising commission it earns from over 4,000 retailers, the site is guaranteed to have the highest cashback across the web. To date, more than 6 million members have taken TopCashback up on its uncommonly generous offer and use the website and app to save money on online purchases. The site’s team in the U.K. and U.S. works hard to provide fair treatment and generous support to all consumers, and those ethical standards have translated to year-over-year growth. Andrew Kardon, Vice President of U.S. Business Development and Strategy, has his sights set on further aggressive growth as TopCashback continues to build its reputation in the U.S.

When I was a senior in high school, one of my favorite English teachers drew me aside on the last day of class. “I got you something that made me think of you,” she said. She winked as she handed me the daintily wrapped present. Inside, I found a small ceramic hummingbird poised over a white flower.

“Hummingbirds are so fast and bright,” my teacher explained, giving me one last lesson, “but they only take nectar from certain flowers. In your life, it’s okay to be choosy.”

TopCashback launched in the U.S. in 2011, making a splash in online retail.

It’s only fitting that hovering on the corner of the TopCashback logo is a delicate hummingbird. The site’s members can seek out the sweetest deals, flitting from store to store in a few clicks and rapidly racking up savings. For shrewd shoppers, the website offers delectable savings — all of the advertising commission on a sale is funneled straight into the customer’s account for free.

Established in the U.K. in 2005, TopCashback later expanded to the U.S. to bring its remarkable customer service mission to a new market of online shoppers. Andrew Kardon, Vice President of U.S. Business Development and Strategy, said that what sets the company apart is its commitment to fair practices. As a result, over 6 million members worldwide have flocked to the cashback site.

Andrew has decades of experience building sites and networking with industry leaders. He began his career doing editorial work about pop culture for a national magazine. “But then I really wanted to get into this thing called the Internet,” he said jokingly. “So I started bouncing around working at dot-coms.”

His footloose entrepreneurial days came to an end when he found TopCashback and became enamored with their mission to put customers first. Now he works out of Montclair, New Jersey, with a small staff of public relations, marketing, and savings experts. Overseeing the company’s growth in the U.S., Andrew is excited to build a following for the website with the safety net of a large, successful company in the U.K. to back him.

Within the next year, his goal is to double the size of his team and make TopCashback synonymous with savings and integrity. The way he works toward developing this already-successful brand is by making members an offer that’s too good to pass up.

“We’re literally giving our money away,” he said. “We give 100% of our commissions to our members. That’s crazy — everyone else is keeping 50%, and we’re giving it all to our members.”

The Site Guarantees the Highest Cashback at Over 4,000 Retailers

TopCashback is a convenient savings tool encouraging customers to make purchases on the web. Signing up is free and comes with no obligation to spend, but plenty of rewards for those that do. With transparency and simplicity, the site offers members a cheaper way to shop online from over 4,000 retailers including Walmart, eBay, Macy’s, Amazon, Target, DisneyStore, Kohl’s, and Ralph Lauren.

The app works the same way as the site, streamlined to provide greater convenience and mobility. Both mediums (desktop and mobile) are connected to the same account so customers can use either to earn cashback at top retailers.

Not only is it easy to use, but TopCashback promises that their cashback rewards are the highest of any other site.

The TopCashback team is so confident in their unmatched service that they offer a cashback guarantee to all members, in case someone finds a better cashback elsewhere. However, Andrew professes his confidence that these claims will always be few and far between because other cashback sites don’t typically pass on all of the commission to customers.

“Because we give 100% commission,” Andrew says, “our cashback is going to be higher than most of our competitors.”

Revolutionizing the cashback space with a unique vision, TopCashback provides their members with straightforward savings at thousands of online stores.

“The only catch, if you want to call it that, is the customer puts in money upfront,” Andrew explained, “and gets the cashback later. If you don’t mind waiting, it’s unbelievably awesome.”

Focused on Fairness: TopCashback Puts Customers First

The company motto is “do as you would be done by” because the founders, Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins, began the tech company with the novel idea that customers would respond well to purposefully fair treatment. What was begun by two idealistic programmers in the U.K., expanded to the U.S. where Andrew continues the mission to prioritize the customer’s needs.

Customer service is taken seriously by the TopCashback team because that’s how they distinguish themselves from the competition. “As a company, we’re building a nice reputation of being responsive,” he told us. “We’re very quick to respond to emails.”

With its fair practices, TopCashback upholds the founding principles instilled by co-owners Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins.

A sizable customer service team in the U.K. makes sure all members are satisfied. The team studiously collects data on how many orders go out in a month and how long it takes for the cashback to show up in an account. These stats help the team improve their practices when necessary.

The site’s deliberately courteous service helps millions of online shoppers find the savings they desire with ease. That entices people not just to use the cashback service, but to turn to the site for all their shopping needs. The TopCashback Blog offers additional assistance with advice, tips, and news for shoppers.

As a whole, TopCashback goes out of its way to provide extraordinary service. “We’ll get you with the highest cashback rates in the country,” Andrew said, “and hopefully keep you as a loyal member. We want our customer service to show that we really care about you as a member.”

Generous Payout Policy: No Minimums & Multiple Ways to Pay Shoppers

The company-wide commitment to excellent customer service can be seen through their generous policies. Members don’t have to make a certain number of purchases or be a member a certain period of time to get cashback on the site.

“We don’t have limitations on savings,” he told us. “We have absolutely no minimum. You could have a penny in your account, ask for it, and get it.”

Additionally, TopCashback offers multiple pay-out options including direct deposit to a bank account, PayPal, American Express Reward Card, or an Amazon gift card. Because Amazon and American Express pay a commission on the gift card, Andrew tells us that customers will automatically receive an added 3% cashback on their purchase. TopCashback passes on all commission profits to members as a matter of policy.

Seasonal Sweet Treats Game: Visitors Delighted with Chances to Win Prizes

Every so often, TopCashback surprises visitors with a special scavenger hunt combined with a sweepstakes. During their seasonal Sweet Treats Game, visitors to the site can find hidden opportunities to win money or prizes.

Many find the game addictive, browsing the site looking for a hummingbird flying across the screen. When a visitor clicks on the hummingbird, a pop-up offers a treat — either a collectible token or entry into a sweepstakes for a grand prize that could be valued as much as $1,500 or more. After collecting a certain number of tokens, the player is awarded cash. It could be a quarter or it could be $100.

Part of the reason why TopCashbackUSA’s Facebook page has over 21,000 likes is because members hunt through this page looking for clues to the game. “Our Facebook page blows up whenever we do one of these,” Andrew said. “People are excited to win prizes, and it keeps them coming back.”

Through this game, TopCashback drives up traffic and gives people an incentive to explore various pages on the site.

The team likes to time the Sweet Treats game with a holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Most recently, as part of the Back-to-School Treats Giveaway, they offered up a backpack full of school-related goodies (including a laptop) to celebrate this year’s back-to-school season.

U.S.-Based Team Passionate About Serving Members Top Savings

The TopCashback New Jersey office is a relaxed and casual place to work. “It’s certainly not stuffy or corporate at all,” Andrew said with a laugh. “It’s the best possible startup, actually, because we’ve got this huge company in the U.K. behind us.”

The U.S.-based team has the backing of a longstanding company of 150+ employees in the U.K. With over a decade of experience, the U.K. parent company happily shares their resources across the pond, though Andrew said his goal is to be totally self-sufficient in the U.S.

TopCashback’s Customer Care team are members of the Institute of Customer Service and have won awards for their outstanding work, including being recognized as the Most Trusted Insurance Comparison Website of 2016.

He’s lucky, he said, that his own industrious team “believes in the product” and is passionate about the company’s success. They heartily celebrate every victory and push themselves to make the site better for members.

“What I love about a startup is that you have such a big voice,” he explained. “No matter what your role is here, you make any suggestion, and it’s certainly going to be heard.”

TopCashback Aims to be the Fastest Growing Cashback Site in U.S.

To this day, my ceramic hummingbird decorates my desk at home as a reminder to continue seeking and learning as I fly through life. Savvy shoppers, too, are finding simple ways to save online by turning to reputable resources like TopCashback.

For TopCashback members, savings are as sweet as nectar and can be collected in the blink of an eye. Customers enjoy the transparency of earning all of TopCashback’s advertising commission during online shopping sprees — a rare offer in the retail space.

Because of their amazingly generous business model, TopCashback has seen significant growth over the last few years. The site has seen well over 100% growth in both membership and advertising revenue over the past two years. Andrew attributes the company’s phenomenal success to the founding principles of fairness and generosity guiding every transaction.

“If it’s fair, we give it to the members,” he said. “That goes to the root of how we want to treat everybody. It’s really all about what can we do for our members to help them save money.”

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