TicketCity Fosters Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Discount Programs & Sports Packages
4.7.16 Entertainment

TicketCity Fosters Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Discount Programs & Sports Packages

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: By networking with professional suppliers and major partners, TicketCity sells tickets to over 100,000 events and concerts across the country. Building customer loyalty — through the TicketCity Executive Program, FanRewards Program, and curated sports packages — makes the online ticket seller stand out from big-box competitors and keeps avid fans coming back for more. 

When I found out Florence + The Machine had just released her first U.S. tour dates, I immediately grabbed my cellphone and Googled concert tickets to see her perform live.

Finding an online ticket seller was easy, but finding the right seats wasn’t. I couldn’t view any charts or pictures of the venue to show me if the seats I had selected were near the stage or up in the nose-bleeds section. Feeling disappointed after tons of searching, I put my phone away and, needless to say, didn’t buy any tickets.

My experience is just one snapshot out of countless other fans who try to find the right seats at the right price; either the prices are inflated too high or the seating options just aren’t there. Instead of building up adrenaline with the thought of seeing a favorite player or singer in person, fans deflate from the dreaded ticket-hunting rat race.

TicketCity, a seasoned online ticket seller, understands this frustrating experience all too well. By building an easy-to-use search platform and pulling together a team of ticket experts, TicketCity created a solution to help fans enjoy the find-and-buy-your-tickets experience. The company even went as far as putting the “cherry on top” of the process by offering rewards and discount programs. Customers aren’t just another number to TicketCity; they’re viewed as spirited fans who deserve to enjoy an event from start to finish.

Founded By A Frustrated Sports Fan — For Frustrated Fans

Randy Cohen wanted to watch the Texas Longhorns play during March Madness and was disappointed by how hard it was to find tickets. Frustrated with the overall ticket-buying process, he decided to do something about it.

Starting out with four employees and one computer tucked away in a small office, Cohen launched TicketCity in Austin, Texas in 1990. Through hard work and expert knowledge of the industry, the online ticket marketplace launched real-time ticketing back in 2001 and recently sold its 1 millionth ticket in 2015. More and more partners joined with TicketCity to provide authentic, affordable tickets for thousands of fans in the U.S., making it one of the best ticket sellers in the market.

TicketCity's homepage

From watching The Masters to Beyonce performing live, TicketCity sells tickets to more than 100,000 concerts, sporting events, and shows in the U.S.

Despite being small, the company’s attention to detail sets them apart from competitors like StubHub or Ticketmaster. Cohen and the TicketCity team are not only available to answer questions by phone or live chat but also provide expert knowledge on events. Most staff members are frequent concert-goers and attend many of the same sporting events, so they are more than willing to let fans pick their brains for minute details and information.

“Not only do we have 25 years of experience, but we’ve been around longer than any of the other major ticket marketplaces,” said Ashley Kubiszyn, the PR manager at TicketCity.

Offering valuable knowledge is just one perk of using TicketCity as a first-choice ticket seller. Fans can also trust the approval process that each ticket goes through before it’s available to the public, relieving skepticism for all types of buyers.

Fans Can Score Concert & Sports Tickets In Just Minutes

Every ticket is authenticated and competitively priced at TicketCity. Once tickets are purchased from a distributor, they are backed up by the TicketCity Guarantee, which means fans will either receive their tickets on time or they can get their money back.

When looking for tickets, fans can browse through individual sports categories to find a specific event. The easy-to-use search even offers tabs for individual teams, so finding Miami Heat or the British Open tickets is a breeze.

Viewing a seating chart when booking tickets at TicketCity

Fans don’t have to book tickets “blindly” — They can see exactly where they’ll be sitting at the venue.

Fans can also rely on TicketCity to help them with each step in the ticket-buying process — even the event itself. For instance, if a customer purchases one of TicketCity’s sports travel packages, a staff of enthusiastic employees will be on-site to make sure everything is taken care of during the event. This type of dedication is what sets them apart from competitors.

“Many of us have attended these events before, so we really can provide that expert knowledge when dealing with tickets,” Kubiszyn said.

Turning Loyal Fans Into Loyal Customers at TicketCity

A lot goes into selling tickets for over 100,000 events, but it comes down to one important value for TicketCity — creating customer loyalty. Fans can choose from all-inclusive sports travel packages or buying 3 tickets and getting the fourth for free to heighten their experience at a show or game. Most big ticket sites just sell tickets; TicketCity sells experiences, such as private transportation, on-site concierge, and exclusive hotel lodging.

“At Ticket City, our goal is to create the best experience for our client,” said Ashley Kubiszyn, the marketing and communications director at TicketCity.com.

The FanRewards Program: Buy 3 Tickets, Get 1 Free

Building customer loyalty is important to TicketCity, so having the FanRewards Program incentivizes fans to buy their tickets from here. When a customer purchases 3 tickets within a 12-month period, he or she can redeem a reward code that’s worth the lowest-priced ticket from a previous purchase. Basically, fans can get a free fourth ticket — all on TicketCity. This rewards program is a great way to increase sales while getting fans excited about receiving a free ticket.

Sports Packages: Curated By the TicketCity Sports Travel Team

TicketCity knows attending the Kentucky Derby or Super Bowl is typically on a fan’s sports bucket list, so the company created a team that specializes in pulling together all-in-inclusive packages that offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If a fan is interested in watching the Ryder Cup championship, he or she can buy a package that includes hotel reservations, ground passes, ticket upgrades, and personal, on-site service. (Talk about a dream come true!) TicketCity offers many exclusive packages that fans can’t wait to get their hands on.

The TicketCity Executive Program: Select Access & Pricing

Targeting big brands and companies, the TicketCity Executive Program finds tickets — at any time, even worldwide — and creates special packages that win clients over. When a customer joins this program, he or she will receive premier access, on-site service, and a 5% discount when a minimum of $500 is spent. Buying exclusive tickets for clients isn’t hard for companies when they can rely on TicketCity to do the work for them.

TicketCity Gives Great Experiences From Checkout to the Venue

As TicketCity continues to be one of the leading ticket providers, fans can expect to find more ways of making their experiences better, such as a seamless checkout experience to VIP extras at the event. Enhancing customer loyalty is just one way TicketCity prospers in the ticketing business, despite being a small company. Taking bad experiences and creating easy solutions will always win over customers.

“What makes our service so great is that we all love what we do,” Kubiszyn said. “We’re really lucky we get to work with such a fun product and we get to create experiences and memories for our clients.”