Thumbs Up for Brand Building — StumbleUpon Helps Businesses Market to Their Ideal Audiences Through Targeted Content
Posted: 4.14.17 Marketing

Thumbs Up for Brand Building — StumbleUpon Helps Businesses Market to Their Ideal Audiences Through Targeted Content

By: Adam West

The Crunch: With more than one billion stumbles per month and counting, it’s no wonder why 120,000 brands rely on the popular discovery engine, StumbleUpon, to get the attention of their target market and speak to the most relevant masses. Founded in 2002, the StumbleUpon content distribution platform allows brands to market to specific demographics and drive those groups to their content. This provides a great opportunity for brands to get in front of audiences far more likely than the average consumer to engage and be interested in what they have to advertise.

In 2013, Wild Turkey introduced “Wild Turkey Spiced” and decided to have a little fun with its marketing by introducing the fictional locale, “Island of Kentucky,” also known as the birthplace of the bold, spiced bourbon. In order to grab the attention of a younger audience, the company ran a cheeky campaign on Tumblr, expressing details of life on the island by using fun facts, cocktail recipes, and animated gifs.

Wild Turkey and its agency partnered up with the content discovery tool, StumbleUpon, to introduce the Island of Kentucky to 24- to 30-year-old male stumblers who were interested in topics like alcohol, men’s issues, and nightlife. The entire campaign was set up for less than 10% of the company’s budget but accounted for 84% of all site visits.

For brands in search of a more cost-effective way to market their content, StumbleUpon is one of the most popular tools out there because it works. Once business owners have a thorough understanding of what their target demographic looks like, StumbleUpon makes it easy to speak to them and track their engagement based on specific topics in their profile. Tracking traffic allows site owners to get to the root of what’s really driving engagement so they can continue to apply best practices in order to grow efficiently.

By partnering with StumbleUpon, brands are successfully reaching the right audience while minimizing the guesswork associated with an excessive amount of trial-and-error targeting. This type of partnership helps companies build brand awareness quickly without the risk of throwing money away on advertising that may or may not work. This way, brands get to extend their reach, generate buzz, and track engagement all on one budget-friendly platform.

Pinpointed Marketing on a Platform Responsible for 500M Content Recommendations a Month

Brands can set up interest bundles or precise targeting through StumbleUpon’s paid advertising campaigns in order to promote their content to larger, targeted groups. They can also tailor their advertising to speak to their demographics on StumbleUpon’s platform by spending far less than many big brands do on expensive ad campaigns. All it takes is an understanding of your target market and a little bit of strategizing to run an efficient campaign.

A unique feature here is you have the ability to pay a little extra to target “engaged visitors,” or visitors who spend more than four seconds on your page. If you’ve set your campaign up this way, you can track your paid versus unpaid visits to make sure your content is appealing to your target. It’s also a great way to determine whether or not you’re targeting your content to the right users so you can adjust your campaign accordingly, or leave it alone if you’re pleased with the results.

On StumbleUpon, there’s no minimum budget to set up a campaign. This gives site owners total advertising freedom to test the market and see what works, all using a platform that has a massive reach and is responsible for 500 million content recommendations every month.

More Than 120K Brands Count on This Engine to Drive Engagement

StumbleUpon is a useful tool for brands because consumers everywhere are clicking solely for entertainment purposes, so content is getting distributed quickly. It’s also easy for brands to set up profiles, it’s cost effective, and has a massive reach.

Brands of all sizes and across a wide range of industries turn to StumbleUpon, including some big names like Red Bull, HBO, BuzzFeed, Nike, and National Geographic to name a few. In fact, more than 120,000 brands take advantage of this platform and StumbleUpon reports on numerous success stories along the way.

Screenshot of a StumbleUpon article on ads for brands

StumbleUpon enables thousands of brands to get their content to an audience that’s most receptive to it.

One example of how a brand used StumbleUpon to make a difference is when a large-scale prevention program called the Meth Project created compelling content illustrating the dangers of methamphetamine. Along with its agency partner, Kepler Group, The Meth Project paired up with StumbleUpon to educate teens and young adults.

By sharing articles, videos, and before and after photos illustrating the damaging effects of the drug, The Meth Project was able to generate thousands of free visits from engaged users, all using StumbleUpon’s platform. Advertising on the platform accounted for 15% of the company’s budget but drove 40% of site visits during the campaign.

Another example of a successful StumbleUpon campaign is when the popular internet media company, BuzzFeed, partnered with the platform to distribute branded content to influential audiences, namely millennials. BuzzFeed started using StumbleUpon in 2007 and continues to benefit from the partnership.

During its first StumbleUpon campaign alone, BuzzFeed only amassed a huge audience consisting of visitors who spent an average of one minute and 20 seconds with their content. The site’s earned media immediately exceeded paid media by two times, and nearly 70% of the StumbleUpon campaign visits were free.

Results like the ones experienced by the Meth Project and BuzzFeed campaigns speak volumes about the effectiveness of using StumbleUpon strategically to drive brand engagement.

Tips and Tricks for Improving Campaign Success on Its Ads Blog

Going beyond providing the tools and the audience for companies looking to drive engagement and build their brands, StumbleUpon also provides best practices on optimizing campaigns and more on its Ads Blog.

The blog gives industries access to up-to-date articles on things like what kind of content to post to gain the most traction, along with mobile development trends that marketers should know about to help optimize their content for mobile device users.

The blog also provides industry news, marketing success stories, and common marketing strategies employed by folks in different industries. By utilizing these valuable resources, business owners are empowered to educate themselves on the different ways they can run successful campaigns based on what’s trending, what other businesses in their industry are doing, and what proven methods work. It’s a great way for brands to stay current and explore different marketing strategies.

Brands That Understand Their Audience are the Brands That Win

StumbleUpon has been helping brands get discovered across the web since 2002. Getting content in front of the right user is a big key to success, and StumbleUpon has made a name for itself by helping businesses do this.

Screenshot of Wild Turkey's Island of Kentucky website

Wild Turkey’s Island of Kentucky campaign got 84% of its web traffic from StumbleUpon referrals.

The company is constantly looking to innovate and improve by fine-tuning its platform and teaming up with premium partners. It’s recently joined forces with the popular app, Spot, in order to provide site browsers access to Spot’s team of travel experts, editors, and influencers. This gives brands the opportunity to create beautiful, engaging content while taking advantage of StumbleUpon’s massive audience.

StumbleUpon’s affordable means of helping brands get their content in front of the right audience makes it an effective tool for any business looking to grow. By using StumbleUpon, companies with any marketing budget have access to a platform that has proven to work time-and-time again for companies like BuzzFeed, HBO, and Wild Turkey. The proof is in the numbers, and this powerful platform has certainly proven its worth in stumbles.