Growing Conversions With Community: Slickdeals Helps Retailers Drive Revenue By Putting Them in Front of 10M Monthly Users
Updated: 2.16.17 Ecommerce

Growing Conversions With Community: Slickdeals Helps Retailers Drive Revenue By Putting Them in Front of 10M Monthly Users

By: Sean Garrity

The Crunch: Slickdeals attracts a large and engaged online community committed to sharing and rating deals and coupons from a broad array of merchants. In 2015, Slickdeals’ 10 million monthly users helped its retail partners generate over $500 million in gross merchandise sales. The site provides an excellent platform for retailers to broadcast their products to a wide demographic of consumers looking for quality deals on a variety of items.

Today, 93% of shoppers look for deals or coupons online, according to retail consultant Convince & Convert. The reasons behind the popularity of these online deals are simple: consumers are actively looking for ways to save money, and a growing number of consumers simply enjoy finding and sharing bargains. On average, savvy consumers will spend two hours per week hunting bargains online.

This is good news for retailers who actively offers coupons and deals on their products. But the question is how to most effectively reach the consumers looking for them.

Slickdeals answers this by placing retailers in a position to increase conversions by focusing on the interest of the consumer. The site’s users share and vote on the best bargains, so the deals carry with them a certain credibility that is difficult to find elsewhere. And since its inception, Slickdeals’ visitors have saved close to $4 billion, and that kind of savings is motivating 80% of the site’s visitors to return and shop.

Slickdeals logo

Retailers who partner and advertise with Slickdeals are bound to experience a boost in revenue, as their products are placed in front of over 10 million people each month. Because of this, the site has helped merchants generate more than $500 million in sales in 2015 alone.

Share, Vote, Curate: Slickdeals Showcases Product Deals to Shoppers

More than 700 million consumers visit Slickdeals each year to view the deals its users share. This is due to the bargains on a broad range of product offerings that include everything from electronics to clothing and travel.

The Slickdeals concept is simple: share, vote, curate. Consumers find coupons on sites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial or on individual retailer sites. The community then rates the deals, voting on those they like best. Editors take over and curate the deals selected as favorites by consumers and showcase the top 30 on the site’s Frontpage.

Screenshot of the Slickdeals Frontpage

Users share deals and vote to decide which bargains should have top-billing on the Slickdeals Frontpage.

Because Slickdeals has the ability to drive awareness and incremental sales, hundreds of merchants rely on the site to help them achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

“The sales volume that Slickdeals can drive when a deal makes their Frontpage is unparalleled in this space,” said Shayna Massey,  eBay’s Lead Account Manager.

Connecting Merchants with an Engaged Community Broadens Reach

Slickdeals connects merchants with highly engaged, savvy consumers. The site’s audience is generally younger (70% between ages 18 and 44), highly educated, and affluent. But what really distinguishes Slickdeals’ users is their appetite for bargain-hunting: 80% of visits are from users returning every day to share new deals they’ve just found, or to research products for purchase.

There are 10 million such users on Slickdeals every month helping retailers on the site generate over $500 million in sales anually. The collaboration of community members and deal editors gives consumers the assurance that they are getting the best prices available, which has made Slickdeals an especially effective venue for retailers to showcase their products.

Screenshot of Slickdeals' Top Coupons

Retailers can reach a wider audience with Slickdeals’ 10 million monthly users who are actively looking to make purchases.

The site’s high level of engagement drives consumers who have a passion for the products promoted on the site. This isn’t surprising. Convince & Convert notes brand loyalty is increased with coupon offerings, as 91% of coupon users say they return to a  retailer that has offered a coupon. And 57% of these shoppers noted they wouldn’t have made a purchase in the first place without a coupon.

So it’s clear that the advertising opportunities offered by Slickdeals allow retailers to reach a particularly receptive audience.

Slickdeals’ “Featured Deals” advertising option extends the period a retailer’s products are shown to users on the Frontpage. Category page placements ensure products are displayed on pages with other similar or relevant products so consumers can easily find them when searching for products.

Screenshot of Slickdeals testimonial

Featured deals, category pages, banners, giveaways, and contests offer opportunities to reach a receptive audience.

Traditional banner advertising is also available, but these ads are much more effective on Slickdeals than other sites because of the engaged community that specifically visits Slickdeals for its trustworthy bargains. Retailers can also garner greater attention on the site by sponsoring a Slickdeals Giveaway, which allows products to stand out on a specified Giveaway page.

“We’ve found that the Daily Giveaway Banner placement effectively helps us drive high-quality traffic to the products we want to promote at the time we want to promote them,” said Erin Lin, Dell’s US Consumer Affiliate, Mobile Marketing and Product Listings Programs. “We repeatedly book the placement because we know its value.”

Slickdeals’ newsletters are equally as valuable, as they focus and maintain viewer interest in a given product. “Whenever I need to drive traffic for a special deal, I purchase a Slickdeals newsletter,” said Michael Currey, T Mobile’s Affiliate Marketing & Social Manager.

“Gives Back” Program Continues History of Corporate Responsibility

Slickdeals’ charitable efforts provide a great example of corporate social responsibility. With Slickdeals Gives Back, consumers can help make a difference while taking advantage of the money-saving offers on the site.

Consumers can choose from a list of Slickdeals eligible charities. Those nonprofits then receive points each time a user logs in.

Screenshot of Slickdeals Gives Back campaign graphic

Slickdeals’ charitable efforts provide an incentive for socially conscious consumers to shop on the site.

By the end of the year, up to 5% of Slickdeals’ net profits will be shared among the participating charities. The more users are active on the site, the more the selected charity receives. Thus, it’s another great incentive for consumers to shop on Slickdeals, making the site an even more attractive partner for retailers to advertise with.

A Savings Solution for Consumers & Revenue Booster for Retailers

Discounts, coupons, giveaways, and sales are all traditional means for retailers to encourage conversions. But increasing sales depends heavily on the amount of traffic a retailer can attract to its own site.

Slickdeals delivers this traffic to the retailers that appear on its site. The millions of consumers who enjoy saving money on Slickdeals are a perfect audience to get in front of.

“Slickdeals is my second home, and the members are my second family,” said Slickdeals user finzz2dlft. “Slickdeals is the first place I check when I need a coupon or want to research an item.”

This type of dedication is prevalent throughout the Slickdeals community. The site is popular because these consumers want to save money and enjoy passing bargains on to others. With so many people visiting the site, retailers can be confident a good portion of the 93% of shoppers looking for deals online are finding them at Slickdeals.