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Retailers Partner with Shopular to Deliver Promotions to Mobile Consumers Using Proprietary Geo-Location Technology

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: As the consumer experience becomes more mobile, businesses are seeking innovative ways to connect with prospective customers. Enter Shopular, a mobile app that uses geo-location to send deal notifications directly to shoppers near their favorite retailers. With cost-conscious consumers always looking for savings, retailers can use Shopular to reach, attract, and interact with them to boost conversions. Shopular users can curate a list of favorite stores and sign up to receive alerts for ongoing sales, putting retailers at the fingertips of consumers who are ready to buy. Users can also earn cash back on orders placed through the app, which helps build brand loyalty.

Shopping habits vary widely by individual, but there are a few things many shoppers have in common — they want convenience, options, and value. Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary, or just to treat themselves, one question is the most common: Where can I find the best deal?

The Shopular mobile app answers that question by helping retailers reach consumers by delivering deal notifications while prospective shoppers are close to a retailer’s physical store.

Founded in 2012, Shopular was developed to help bring consumers and their favorite brands closer together — literally — through geo-location. The app allows the consumer to curate a list of favorite shopping destinations to generate alerts, with the user receiving notifications when he or she is in proximity to that particular store.

And while many mobile apps for deals require the app to be open before serving the coupons, Shopular pushes notifications even when the app is closed, which provides a significant advantage for merchants.

Shopular is the brainchild of Navneet Loiwal and Tommy Tsai, both of whom were engineers at Shopkick and graduated from Y Combinator accelerator, a major investor in Shopular. “It’s such a hassle to research coupons, especially when you’re in a store,” said Shopular Co-Founder Navneet Loiwal told Gigaom. “With Shopular, there’s no need to remember to open an app…a fresh valid coupon shows up on the phone, and you can just show the screen to the cashier.”

Navneet Loiwal, left, and Tommy Tsai founded Shopular to help retailers reach consumers who are close to their stores.

Curating a list of retailers to receive offers from is simple. Using the search function, shoppers can toggle between stores, malls, and nearby options to add favorites. To keep up-to-date with sales and discounts at a store of interest, consumers simply click once to add the store to a notifications list.

Retailers have taken notice of Shopular’s ability to reach nearby consumers, and consumers are taking advantage of shopper-focused features like weekly ads and cash back. With benefits for businesses and consumers, Shopular is growing in popularity with both.

Location-Based Notifications Alert Nearby Shoppers of Deals

Shopular’s geo-location-based offer generator alerts shoppers to nearby deals by sending push notifications to their smartphones. By enabling location services, the app need not be running for consumers to receive notifications.

Because Shopular can target the consumer with offers in a particular vicinity, personalization increases as frequently visited stores send more notifications for sales and discounts. By identifying and targeting regular customers and alerting them to savings opportunities, businesses see increased conversions.

Another advantage is that Shopular tracks location in the background using wifi, GPS, and cellular sensors so it customizes offers relevant to individual shopping behavior. Unlike many location-aware apps that run continuously, Shopular has been engineered to reduce battery drain. The app determines the times of day consumers are less likely to be actively shopping and doesn’t monitor location as intently during those hours, making the app even more attractive for customers who are conscientious of their smartphone’s battery life.

Browse and Save Offers From Retailers’ Weekly Ads

Shopular also provides weekly ads from retailers so that customers have access to all of the sales, coupons, and discounts currently available before setting foot inside the store. Updating weekly ads from a variety of retailers meets a valuable need for shoppers, who would have to buy a newspaper or browse individual websites to get the same information.

Shopular provides extra convenience to consumers by curating retailers’ weekly ads within the mobile app.

By bringing the ads to a shopper’s fingertips, Shopular decreases the time that shopper would spend searching and increases engagement time with a retailer’s products. The weekly ad section also enables the buyer to go directly to a retailer’s website to purchase anything they see in the ad. And when a consumer visits a retailer’s site and makes a purchase, they can take advantage of another favorite Shopular feature, the ability to earn cash back.

Consumers Can Earn Cash Back On Orders Placed Through the App

To maximize profit potential for retailers, as well as reach shoppers who prefer to shop online, Shopular’s cash back feature is one that mobile consumers appreciate. By using the app for online purchases, cash rewards are earned on top of Shopular’s regular coupons and rebates.

Backed by the power of cash back pioneer Ebates, this feature allows shoppers to receive up to 25% cash back when shopping online through the app. Ordering directly via the app provides rewards, which incentivizes mobile conversions.

By using Shopular’s cash back offers, consumers can earn a cash bonus by shopping at certain stores online.

If a consumer is out shopping for jeans, Shopular can send a notification that a retailer is offering 20% off the same pair online, plus cash back, increasing the chances they will click ‘buy’ on the app.

In step with Shopular’s overall strategy, this is yet another tool that benefits both consumers and retailers by offering deep discounts for shoppers who prefer to do their shopping on a mobile device.

Embracing Mobile Technology, Retailers Enhance Their Relationship with Customers

Convenience and value are two of a consumer’s top desires, and Shopular delivers both by alerting shoppers to deals at their favorite stores in their immediate vicinity. It’s also a powerful tool for merchants to entice mobile shoppers to visit their location or website with an offer of savings on their next purchase.

Shopular’s forte is communicating directly with customers. Leveraging the most influential sites on the web, such as Facebook, along with individual retail websites and email campaigns, Shopular’s team manually drills down into the details to confirm offers are valid, so its users never receive expired coupons or discounts.

Shopular was engineered specifically to empower shoppers to be in full command of their savings potential. Sifting through mountains of circulars, or lugging them around on a shopping trip, is now obsolete. Shopular puts the most useful information at shoppers’ fingertips in its mobile app. The result? Increased savings for consumers and increased conversions for retailers.

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