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By Using a Cultivated Collection of Lifestyle Bloggers, Savings.com Brings 50+ Million Users to Retailers

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Savings.com extends the reach of retailer coupons and deals through a network of 600+ DealPro bloggers from around the country. Regular readers of those blogs can get offers tailored to their interests, and retailers connect with an audience they may not have had access to. Savings.com also leverages the DealPro Network to power its Favado app, which delivers personalized deals to a consumer’s mobile device. The connected, comprehensive network that Savings.com has built allows it to fulfill its mission of saving people money while starting a conversation between consumer, blogger, and retailer.

I have kept up with my favorite sports blog for years, reading every new post as soon as it becomes available. I’ve gotten to know the authors behind each post over time just by being a regular subscriber. When consumers frequent sites, no matter what they’re looking for, they become familiar with the author and begin to feel a more personal connection to the voice coming through each post.

For me, the bloggers I follow seem more like friends, so if one of them reviews something I’m interested in buying, and offers a deal on it, I’m much more likely to actually purchase after reading their post.

A Nielsen study shows that I’m not alone — 84% of people trust those closest to them for recommendations over all other forms of advertising, and when a blogger becomes a part of a reader’s life, that blog becomes a more efficient way for retailers to target their messaging to a particular audience.

Savings.com has helped pioneer this method of consumer-oriented deal distribution through its vast DealPro Network. With over 600 bloggers participating in the program, retailers can get coupons and savings into the hands of the people who are most interested in them. Those companies may even offer bigger savings because they don’t have to waste money advertising to audiences not interested in their products.

Savings.com Head of Community Development Sara Korab helps coordinate the vast DealPro Network.

“DealPros help retailers reach an audience in a way that a brand wouldn’t be able to on its own,” Savings.com Head of Community Development Sara Korab told us. “That is why the value of bloggers and online influencers has become much more evident because they speak directly to that audience.”

Savings.com works with DealPros and retailers to bring offers to the customers who need and want them the most. These relationships benefit everyone, as Savings.com treats both retailers and DealPros as partners.

Savings.com DealPro Network is a Family of Over 600 Trusted Blogs

The DealPros who work with Savings.com are carefully selected and include some of the best lifestyle bloggers in the country. Their interests and expertises are quite varied.

“DealPros are located all across the country and focus on everything from saving on groceries to home management to travel, beauty, and fashion,” said Sara. “They really run the gamut of interests.”

Most use their sites to provide advice and insights to a particular audience, as DealPro Rachel Holland does on her blog Surviving the Stores. She offers advice on healthy living and smart spending, with tips on everything from what to do when your smartphone gets wet to making your own non-toxic mosquito repellant. Rachel says her relationship with Savings.com allows her to quickly get links to relevant coupons, allowing her to produce more content for her readers.

DealPro Rachel Holland dispenses advice about healthy living and smart spending on her blog Surviving the Stores.

As Savings.com affiliates, DealPros have access to exclusive offers from retailers. An iframe and widget are also available to put on their websites to pull in all of the latest offers from the Savings.com page.

“We are always trying to make it easier for bloggers to help their audiences save money,” Sara said.

But Savings.com doesn’t just give DealPros access to top brands; it also gives those top brands access to DealPros to coordinate special promotions or giveaways.

Retailers Target Offers to Precise Audiences Through DealPros

Through Savings.com, retailers can choose to partner with specific bloggers to showcase relevant products that may be of interest to a particular audience. This strategy is quite effective, for the retailer, blogger, and consumer.

One collaboration that is always fun for retailers and bloggers is a Twitter Party. A retailer will put up a gift card or other item for a DealPro to give away. A topic is picked to discuss on Twitter, and everyone who gets in on the discussion has a chance to win. Some of the discussions last for hours, especially when the subject is Droid vs. Apple.

The #DroidVApple hashtag prompted plenty of opinions, and $750 in gift cards were given out to some lucky participants. But, most importantly, a conversation was sparked. That conversation is what Savings.com wants retailers to have with customers through DealPros.

Savings.com offers many ways get coupons to consumers, including a deals dashboard for DealPro websites.

The network allows retailers to partner with DealPros on special promotions. If a company has a new eyeliner coming out, it can work with some of the DealPro Network’s best beauty bloggers. When a company is launching a new line of pasta sauce, it can enlist the help of the DealPro Network’s cooking bloggers to get the word out.

“Bloggers’ readers see them as friends, and they trust their opinions,” said Sara. “So, for a retailer, it is more effective in driving conversions if the recommendation comes from them.”

Readers already frequent the sites for advice and offers, and Savings.com allows retailers to enter that conversation seamlessly. But the advantage of DealPros goes even further. DealPros also have a hand in driving the effectiveness of the Favado mobile app.

Favado App Uses Savings.com Network to Provide Shopper-Focused Deals and Circular Offers

The Savings.com Favado app is built to harness the power of the DealPro Network. To cover every local market across the U.S., data contributors, including DealPros, supply local sale ads to a nationwide database.

The sales data is then made available through the Favado app, where consumers can browse local grocery store circulars. The app benefits consumer by giving them access to weekly circular coupons right on their mobile devices, and it benefits retailers by getting ads into the hands of a larger, mobile audience.

Favado makes it easy for consumers to add favorite stores, search deals, and add coupons to their shopping list.

While there are some prolific coupon users out there — and many DealPros among them — some people don’t have the time to coordinate all of the deals. That is where Favado shines. With a simple interface and many top retailers represented, Favado simplifies couponing. Not only does the app make it easy to find coupons from major grocers and retailers, it also shows shoppers additional discounts they can stack on top of those deals. Some are printable, and some are in mailers, but Favado makes it easy to find them.

Reaching Out to Consumers Through Reliable Partnerships

In the end, the consumer is the beneficiary, which is what Savings.com wants. The company is built on saving people money. To enhance that mission, Savings.com has developed a vast network to get coupons and deals in front of its target audience.

I have seen firsthand the benefits of a well-timed deal. Aluminum water bottles, Bluetooth headphones, discounted gift cards, and phone chargers are just a few of the items I have purchased through offers on blogs I frequent. The effect influencers have on marketing can be profound. One study found that marketing-inspired word of mouth can be responsible for more than twice the sales of paid advertising.

In today’s social world, we all have blogs or websites we trust and turn to for reviews, opinions, or deals. Savings.com makes it easier for retailers to gain that trust and get discounts in front of an ideal audience through the DealPro Network.

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